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15 February 2018

Willing To Lie About How We Met?

I don't know about you, but I think it's quite common nowadays to meet people online, than it is to meet them in bars.
I met my boyfriend on Tinder, yep, you heard me right, I met my long term boyfriend on an app that most people use for a quick cum and run.

Dan was probably the 20th guy I'd spoken to, I hadn't met up with anyone yet, so what was so special about him? Well, we both loved Lord of The Rings. That's right, the way into my knickers was a mutual love of hobbits.
So, two years later, we are still together, and even have our own home!

Tinder is, honestly, widely underappreciated for this sort of thing. While the majority of the guys on there are 'fuck boys', there are a few diamonds amongst the rough, and I found mine.

Love isn't like how it is in the movies, life isn't full of 'meet cutes', if you want a man in your life, go and out an get one.

In a way, the 'odds' were against me.
Not only did I meet this guy on Tinder, but I also slept with him on the first 'date' (we sat in his living room, drinking and chatting until 3 in the morning).

I think we can all agree, that the popular opinion amongst society, is that sex on the first date is taboo, a swift way of never getting that phone call back.
I'm here to tell you ladies that that's bullshit.
Just because you let a man into your panties on the first date, doesn't mean you won't get a second.

Yep, he called me back girls.
Despite all of this, me and Dan 'made it'. And so have a lot of other couples (I took to Twitter, and I had dozens of replies from people that had met their partners in the exact same way).

Women like sex JUST as much as men. Sex on the first date isn't 'taboo', if you want to do it, do it!

Dating website are going to be new 'How I Met Your Mother' and honestly, I think it's great, do you?

(also, 'Willing To Lie About How We Met' was 100% my Tinder bio)


  1. Love this!! I feel like I could have written this as it's exactly how my relationship started out too (well, it was Christian Mingle but yknow haha). And we're now married with a kid so it kinda proves that it doesn't mean you won't get a call back. But we also always lie about how we met haha.

  2. My partner and I met on tinder as well! It’s a great app if you use it right, I slept with him on the second date and the next day he was introducing me to all his friends and 7 months late we’re still just as happy! We’ve never had to lie about how the met either, most people find it interesting

    Alicia x

  3. I love this!! This is such a refreshing post to see a taboo topic talked about so calmly & honestly. You know I love everything you write but I can’t wait to see more of this stuff from you!!

    I’m with you on the sleeping together on the first date thing, I did it too and am now engaged & living with him so we’ve got to be doing something right!

  4. I can relate to this so much!!
    My partner and I met on badoo (I guess it's slightly less prominently known as a quickie app tho) and nearly 3 years later we are still together and engaged with a wee one.
    We would have slept together on the first date but we both said we insisted on not doing it as to not making each other feel like that was all we were after.

    For a while I lied to my friends about meeting him on an app, but I've gotten over it now and it's edged some of my friends on to find someone on one haha

    Jasmine |

  5. I did wonder what this article would be with the tweet explaining how to "get into my knickers" and then, something about habbits. Also, side note, I've never heard it as "cum and run"..... Really nice to hear about a real success story from Tinder and to clear up the taboo of sex on the first date. People shouldn't judge, sex is something to be done when you want it and when it's right, and, when you feel comfortable.

  6. Me and my boyfriend also met on Tinder, and we never lied about it to anyone. Actually, we joke about it! I personally think it doesn't matter when you have sex for the first time, if it feels right, it feels right- whether that's on the first or tenth date.

  7. I tried internet dating a few years ago and it was a disaster! Had lots of strange people, and even some who admitted the picture was his son and he was really 58! Xx