Love List

5 February 2018

It's the little things*

Our flat is no way near 'done', and I can tell you now, I used to get so annoyed/upset as I constantly compare my bedroom to the 'Instagram worthy' ones, and I'd just want to change everything about it.

However, after a good clean up, and an addition of some new items, I started to realise that it's all about the little things, and it's made me appreciate my space so much more.

My favourite part of my whole bedroom, is easily my work space; the place where a candle is always lit, The Greatest Showman soundtrack is always playing, and also where I type up all my blog posts.
My desk comprises of my very pretty white desktop computer, and some extra little bits and pieces to make the space feel much more inviting to want to actually 'work' at. 

The little things make my desk much more inviting, and as I work in an office, I always want to take it all with me to work there, maybe then I wouldn't dread sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day?

The newest addition to my work space, is a Only&Eve candle* in the scent Versenay. This, along with a scent diffuser, was kindly scent to me by the people over at Only&Eve. 
I picked 'Versenay' in the candle, as the fact that these had the word 'Champagne' in the scent description definitely caught my eye! And I thought, what a better place to put my very first luxury candle than at my desk, where I spend most of my time?
You can check out Only&Eve's candles here

I also have a wooden 'K', some flowers in a Zoella 'Pick Me' pot, a little succulent, and another Zoella pot containing highlighters and pens.

My bed. A very important place for most of us, and probably the place where most of us spend our time. My bed currently has THE cutest Zodiac/Star themed bed sheets, some pretty pink cushions, and I also have those coveted curtain fairy lights hanging behind my headboard.

I firmly believe that unless your bed/the space surrounding it isn't warm and inviting, you're just not going to want to get into that bed, so I always use cushions, warm lights, and lots of throws! 

In my opinion, the cosier your room, the better.

Behind my desk, we have these amazing squared windows, that also have a little windowsill that 'steps' down. So, on each 'step' I've added little succulents, fairy lights, candles etc. to make the area more personal and, well, pretty.

Fairy lights; a staple in any girls room. I own at least 10 sets.

Another area that brings my bedroom 'to life' a bit more, is this gorgeous bamboo and white clothes rail. I of course only hang up my prettiest clothing items, which currently includes lots of knitwear and floral shirts.
This also contains a shelf at the bottom, which is currently filled with all the black pairs of boots.

Lastly, we have, of course, my bedside table.
I don't know about you, but I always love to see what people put here, I feel like it's such a personal place for someone.

My bedside table usually contains empty bottles of water, the odd food wrapper, and of course my latest book (yep, I did clean it up for photos).

Another new addition, is the, frankly, best thing I've ever smelt.
Only&Eve also sent me over a diffuser, and I actually let my boyfriend pick out the scent for this one, and he chose 'East Cay Escape'. Now this one contains 'Pink papaya, melon, mandarin, cassis, coconut' and now my bedroom smells pretty freaking incredible.
You can check out their diffusers here.

I also like to keep my iPad here, and of course you can just make out my blog on the screen, it looks super cute placed here in my room when it's not in use.

What 'little things' do you love about your bedroom? Let me know in the comments!

*this post contains products that were sent for review purposes, however all words and opinions are my own.