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22 January 2018

Where I've Been, Where I'm Going...

You may have noticed that I had a bit of an unplanned 'break' from blogging.
I failed at blogmas (that's what lack of planning does to you), and I haven't posted on here in over a month. But, there is a good reason for this.

  New theme, new name, new everything?

So, what does this mean for Katie's Corner? Well, it won't be called 'Katie's Corner' anymore!
The name felt a bit juvenile, so I'm just sticking to my actual name (Katie-Leigh), hence the new header!
I also am looking to update my theme eventually, and switch up the kinda posts I'm putting out!

I really want to branch out, improve my writing, photography etc. and this is the main reason why I had some time off. I just wasn't happy with the content I was producing, and I know I can do so much better.

I want to cover more topics on my blog, and I know I can definitely can improve on my photography.

Do you ever find that as soon as you step away from the camera for a while, you just completely forget how to take a decent photo? Because that's what's happened to me.

I guess I just want to find my place in the blogging community, so I'm planning at least two posts a week, and topics that I've never covered before.

   Sex, lifestyle, fashion, mental health

Honestly, I always find myself drawn to blog posts that aren't all that often covered in the 'main stream'. For instance, posts about sex! They're interesting, and I feel like they're perceived as 'taboo', but you know what? I want to write about it!

My most popular posts are often the ones where I'm more like myself, sarcastic, kinda funny, and honest, and this is what I want to make more of.

I want to be my own girl boss, I want to boss blogging, my life, and everything that comes with it.

Are there any topics you would love to see covered more on my blog?
Let me know in the comments!