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1 December 2017


It's nearly, freaking, CHRISTMAS.
I dunno about you lot, but am bloody excited!

This year, I decided to tackle Blogmas (lord pray for me) and I thought, what better way of kicking it off than a little looksie around my flat at all the Christmas decorations that are up!

We have a gorgeous brick fireplace in our font room, and it is perfect for adding ALL the christmassy stuff. We have two red stockings and lots of fairy lights!

On the top of our fireplace, I have put some little Christmas bits, including a Santa mug, two Zoella Christmas candles, a panda snow globe, and of course, fairy lights.

(The panda snow globe is of course my favourite bit)

I also have these adorable little tealight houses in my window too! And we have these amazing square windows, so obviously I had to spray them all with fake snow!

Last, but certainly not least, OUR TREE
How freaking cute

Our tree is one that is already covered in fake snow, and I have decorated it with white, silver and copper baubles, and these amazing copper leaf decorations that I picked up from Asda!
For my first tree, I think I did pretty damn good.

Have you got your decorations up yet?


  1. Ahhhh if I wasn’t feeling festive already I most definitely am after this post!!! Your little flat is beautiful and all your Christmas decorations are gorgeous!

  2. Your photos are all amazing wow! I love the decorations you have! xx

  3. Your flat looks so festive and lovely! Can’t wait to put my decorations up now! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  4. I love all of those leaves on your tree! They’re so cute!

  5. Your photos are perfect! I love your stockings! I do indeed have my decorations up too!

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  7. I'm putting my decorations up tonight and this has me SO EXCITED!! Your tree is absolutely gorgeous too! x

    Shauna |

  8. Looove your tree! I think the ones with fake snow are so cute and festive. I'm putting my decs up tomorrow and I'm sooooo excited yay :)

    -Phoebe x

  9. Ohhh girl I’m so jealous of your decorations! The tree is beautiful! Today I was in the mood to decorate my flat a little bit as well but that would mean I had to clean and tidy up first so instead I took a nap an now I’m sitting here reading this and I might actually be motivated to clean now.. Your flat looks AMAZING! xxx


  10. Oh my god your flat looks so cute and festive, I love all your decorations!! I’m decorating my house tomorrow and I seriously can’t wait! Very excited to see the rest of your blogmas posts x

  11. Loving your decorations! We normally decorate today, but as everyone's so busy this weekend we're doing it on Sunday x

  12. I can't wait to read your blogmas posts, and your flat is looking amazing! I wish I wasn't a poor uni student so I could decorate my room as it's not looking festive at all x

    Lily | Covet Luxe

  13. Awww your decorations are adorable ๐Ÿ™Š

  14. I have all the christmas feels reading this! Where the heck are those copper leaves from?! I need some! Lush first blogmas post, you've got this girlie!xxxx

  15. I am so excited for Christmas this year. I keep begging my mum for us to put the tree up, ours is usually full of colour. I love your white/silver tree. Maybe when I move out I can go crazy with the decorating!
    Lois x

  16. Your tree looks absolutely gorgeous! I feel like I need to go out and buy a few more things for the house now though.

    Happy Blogmas day!

    Alys /

  17. Your flat looks great! I love the tree! We put our decorations up last night and it felt so cosy watching Harry Potter with the twinkly lights

    Love Amber -

  18. Awww your decorations are super cute! I can't wait to go back for Christmas the only decorations i have up are fairy lights hehee

    Soph |

  19. Ah your flat looks so cosy and cute, I love it!

    I can't wait to get decorating!

    Love, Melissa x

  20. Your snaps are literally my fave! I am so excited you’re doing blogmas! I love your house it’s like a winter wonderland!

  21. Christmas decor is the best! I love those little tea light holders! X

  22. Your place is looking amazing! Very christmassy and your tree... woow it's gorgeous lovely! Well done you for creating a lovely tree, this is similar to a tree we're looking at.

    Gemma |

  23. Your flat looks gorgeous! Super festive, I love it :D That panda snow globe is very cute :)


  24. I love the panda snow globe! And those leaf decorations are really cooo! Can’t wait to put our decorations up, it’s having to wait until Thursday as we’re away!

    Good luck with blogmas!
    Abi x

  25. Oh I love Christmas so much and the whole atmosphere :)

    xoxo Sienna