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9 December 2017

Blogmas Day 9 - Christmas Over the Years

I love Christmas. For me, it's the best time of the year. 
My whole family comes together and everyone is just so happy. 
It is honestly the thing I look forward to most as soon as the new year comes around again.

My Grandma is an avid photo taker. 
And I mean, proper cameras, not on phones. 
And she will get all the photos developed too.
So, there are photos of me from when I was first born, to as recent as my 21st Birthday, so of course, I'm lucky enough to see all these amazing photos of past Christmases.

Here's little Katie, sporting the most amazing cardigan ever, wouldn't you agree?

Fun fact, Jelly Babies actually scare me know. 
The taste and powderyness of them makes me want to be sick, so I have a weird fear of Jelly Babies.

But here I am looking rather impressed by getting some as a Christmas present. 
And that's my Dad whose lap I'm sat in - that mustache though.

I'm not sure what tracksuit my parents have me sporting there, but my god don't I look fetching...haha
That's my lovely redheaded Grandma (that's where I get my locks from) whose lap I'm sat in.
The dark haired lady is my Mum!

I'm a bit older here.
Another fun fact, I used to adore the outfit I'm in here.
It's a frilly green skirt, with a cream long sleeved top tucked in that had this beautiful horse on it!

This is Christmas at my Grandmas - probably Boxing Day if I'm correct.

This is my absolute favourite photo of them all!
Me, in my prime, stood in front of my Grandma's Christmas Tree.

Another time jump!
This is Christmas 2015 
(I'm the one in the black jumper, with glasses and red hair sat down, my brother is stood next to me in the white jumper).

My Grandma without fail, makes us all get a photo together every Boxing Day now!

And this is Christmas 2016 (Christmas just gone!)
My Brother has lost weight, and I have my gorgeous little sister (with the massive bun) sat on my lap.
 This photo was a mission to take, but when we added the partners into it, it was near impossible haha!

I adore Christmas (how many times have I said that now over Blogmas?)
The best part for me, is what you can see in these photos.
The festiveness, family, food, laughter, and all the love.

How has your Christmas over the years been?

Kt x