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7 December 2017

Blogmas Day 7 - My *realistic* Wish List!

The title of this post may be a little confusing, but back on Blogmas Day 4, I posted a wish list with a twist. Rather than items, I did a wish list of things us adults all really want in life. 
You can check that post out HERE

So, this wish list is probably the more realistic one!

Here's my hopes and dreams for Christmas presents this year.

I'm a redhead, of course I want it! This is actually at the top of my list this year!
This book looks incredible, it's funny, informative, and deals with what it's like for us living in today's world. If you have a redhead in your life, this will go down a treat, trust me!
(it's sadly out of stock at the moment *insert crying face emoji)

I have been DYING to try this forever! It literally sounds like the perfect concealer, I don't think I've heard a bad review about it! 
I have been reluctant to buy this myself, as I currently use Collections Lasting Perfection, which is only £5, so spending £22 on a concealer...I just don't want to do it haha!
(I would be the shade fair neutral if any family, or my boyfriend, are reading this...)

The most expensive brushes I have ever purchased, are Real Techniques ones. I just have never treated myself to a good set of brushes, so I would adore some for Christmas.

The new Zodiac collection is stunning, and my star sign (Cancer) is the Water Brush Set, just look at how gorgeous that packing is!

I have been lusting after Kat Von D's makeup range for such a long time, but I hardly ever buy anything that isn't high street (ta for that bank balance).
Her contour kit is raved about, and the shades look like they'd work for my pale skin.
I'm in love with it!

Unfortunately, Debenhams don't currently have this particular item in their Kat Von D beauty range, but it is of course on her own website!

If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram, you'll know that I am a absolute eyeliner addict. 
I hardly ever leave the house with a wing on, so of course, I've had my eyes on this product!

Again, I've heard amazing things about this! And for £16 I actually think this is very well priced!

And, to make it even better, Debenhams stock this!

(hint hint)

I've seen/heard about Keihls skincare before, but I only really started paying attention when the lovely Lauren from raved about how amazing it was!

I currently have my eye on their Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and their Ultra Facial Cream.

Now of course, an amazing product comes with a bit of a price tag, and these have just that.

I also checked their website out, and they have some amazing gift sets available for Christmas!

That's my list for Christmas!

I know the majority of the items on here are expensive, so I'd never ever expect them to be gifted to me by family/boyfriend etc. But they are things I've never bought myself that I'm dying to try.

Otherwise, I am a happy girl receiving socks, candles and little bits like that!

What's on your list this year?

Kt x


  1. Ok, how did I not know that Spectrum had a zodiac brush collection? I need!! I also have to get that redhead book, I mean duh!!

  2. I love this list!! The Kat Von D contour palette is AMAZING! I had the ABH one and swore by it for so long but wanted to try this one and I'm seriously impressed!! Also, the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate is incredibleeeee!! I am a Kiehl's loyal now - sorry bank balance! - but my skin loves me for it!! Love the post girl!! Xx

  3. Those Spectrum brushes are gorgeous! I Have some of the marble ones and I love them.

    Love Amber | x

  4. Those Makeup brushes are gorgeous! They’ve now been added to my wish list too!


  5. The Spectrum Zodiac brushes are to die for!

  6. I laughed a little when I saw you put in very small text what shade you were to your friends and bf! It’s totally something I would do, and those brushes oh those brushes they are to die for!


  7. Wonderful wishlist! And OMG these brushes are a dream <3

    xoxo Sienna

  8. If you're looking for some nice brushes, I'd definitely recommend spectrum brushes! They're better than RT imo

    Phoebe x

  9. Erm yes I’ll take all of these! I am hoping for some tarte bits this year too!

  10. You chose some gorgeous bits! Tarte Shape Tape concealer is my absolute fave, you'll love it!!

    Hope you get everything on your wish list doll! xxx

  11. I hope you woke up to some of these goodies under your tree on Christmas morning! I love the look of those Morphe brushes - so pretty!

    Sarah x