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6 December 2017

Blogmas Day 6 - Christmas Tree Brownies

I love baking Christmas treats, it's so so fun. And last year, a friend of mine suggested Christmas Tree Brownies. These are such a fun and easy thing to make, and they look super Christmassy, so they're perfect for Christmas buffet's, work parties etc.

So, before we start, you'll need:
1 Brownie Mix Box
1 tub of Vanilla Icing
Green Food Colouring
Piping bag
Edible Decorations
Pre-heat your oven to the temp on your brownie mix box.

You're then going to want to make your brownie mix via the instructions on your box.
I bought the Betty Crocker mix, so all I had to was mix 1 medium egg, water, oil and the brownie mix into a bowl.
Once you stirred your mixture well (there may be lumps) you're going to want to empty it into a greased baking tray  (preferably 8x8 or as per instructions on your brownie mix).
Then, pop it into the oven for specified time on the box.

Once your brownie mix is almost fully cooked (check by sticking a knife/pick inside), you're going to want to make your icing mixture.
Empty around half the tub of icing into a bowl, and slowly add your food colouring, mixing well, until the icing is at the shade of green you'd like for your 'trees'.
Spoon the icing into your piping bag, snip off the end, and add your chosen shaped pipe.
Remove your brownies from the oven, and leave to cool (if you cut them into triangles now, they will most likely crumble apart).
Once your brownie has cooled. your going to want to cut it into triangles.
You can mark out where your going to cut using skewers, a knife, etc.
(mine turned out all different shapes and sizes...that's okay!)
Once they're cut, lay them out and start piping your icing from top to bottom in a diagonal fashion, like pictured above. This bit is quite messy and a little awkward, but they look good regardless of how messy they get!
Once you have finished icing all of them, add your decorations!
I chose to use snowflakes as my 'star' to top the tree, and I managed to find edible sugar balls that were all different colours in Asda! These were great for looking like the tree had baubles!
You can of course add whatever you like to them! You can even pop a cut candy cane into the bottom to look like a tree pot!
These are so fun and easy to make! Most of this is just the decorating if you buy the brownie mix!
These went down a treat at my works Christmas buffet last year!
Will you have a go at making these? What's your favourite Christmas recipe?
Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are so cute!!!! I swear as soon as I saw the title I was like “YES OMG” xx

  2. These are adorable! I will HAVE to try this!!

    Love Amnber |

  3. These look deeeeelish! I must try them!

    Sarah x

  4. These look gorgeous!! I need to try them!!
    Love your photos, as always Girl!! Xxx

  5. These are soo cute! I can't think of much I love more than brownies as well so I will have to give these a go! Gorgoeus photos too! x

    Erin // Everything Erin

  6. Oh my god I NEED to make these! They look amazing perfect for a Christmas party! 🎄❤️


  7. Oh my goodness I saw these on Insta yesterday and immediately went out and bought ingredients! Wow! What a brilliant blogmas post! I am loving yours right now!

  8. Oh my god these look soooo good, and they’re so easy to make!

  9. Oh these are too adorable! <3

    xoxo Sienna

  10. Now I want brownies!!

    Phoebe x

  11. I have seen this recipe floating around on Pinterest, which is where I get most of my baking inspiration from. I have been meaning to try these for a while but haven't found the time to do so yet. I need to put aside a couple of hours this or next weekend to make them!
    Lois x