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3 December 2017

Blogmas Day 3 - Christmas Movies

I have watched around 7 Christmas movies so far, and I started in November...NO SHAME
I adore Christmas movies, they're the perfect way to get into the Christmas mood, and they just make you feel all warm and festive.
They're the perfect way to enjoy the countdown to Christmas.

I currently have subscriptions to Netflix, NowTV, Amazon Prime and Disney Life. And all four have Christmas films available to watch.
Now, don't judge me, but I have never seen Love Actually before, so when I heard that NowTV had it, I sat down and watched all 2 hours of it, and it was bloody brilliant.
It's quickly became my new favourite Christmas film!

The OG favourite Christmas movie for me, has to be Home Alone (1&2).
They both have me in fits of laughter every time I watch them, I just adore them so much, and without a doubt, they will be on every Christmas.

Ah, Elf.
I am Buddy at Christmas time, I kid you not.
I adore this film, his excitement over Christmas just makes me even more excited, it's a ridiculously funny film, and if you haven't already watched it, please do and thank me later!

Tim Allen in The Santa Clause is just amazing.
And his son is so adorable!
This film is perfect to sit and watch with the almost had me believing in Santa Clause again! This is such a clever take on Santa, and it's such a funny, heartwarming film.

I came to watch Arthur Christmas through the ravings of Jess (check out her blog here).
She loves this film, and as she talks about it every Christmas, I had to watch it!
I can 100% confirm it's a fab film to watch over the Christmas period! Another interesting take on Santa, and I love that it's English based actors voicing the characters too!
This one is a must see!

These are definitely my current faves to watch at Christmas time. I know you're probably thinking I've missed out some classics (I've never watched The Grinch because he gives me nightmares), but these are always on in my house through December (my boyfriend hates it).
What are yours?


  1. I've actually never seen any of these movies. I think I need to start watching some Christmas movies!

    Love Eleanor ||

  2. Ooh I have a post like this lined up for a week or so after today! It’s so fun reviewing our favourite holiday movies and you have similar taste to me as well! Xx

  3. I loved this post! It's so fun seeing what christmas films other people love!

    I am obsessed with Love Actually! It's my all time fave!!

    Love, Melissa x

  4. I love all of these! Some of my favourites are The Holiday and National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, but Elf is my ultimate fave! X

  5. Absolutely loveeee Christmas movies! My BF has just had Nightmare Before Christmas on if that counts?! Sorta Halloween too! I can't believe it's taken you this long to watch Love Actually! So glad you enjoyed it as it's one of my favs. I am saving that one for a bit closer to the time.

    Love Amber | x

  6. I really love Arthur and Love Actually. Love Actually gets me every time, it is one of my favourites. I don't really watch Christmas films too early, more magical films like Narnia or Harry Potter. I like to build up to the full on Christmas ones!
    Lois x

  7. Would you believe I'm actually such a grinch and really don't enjoy Christmas movies?? I do love Love Actually though!
    Shauna |

  8. Home Alone and Arthur Christmas are some of my top picks! Miracle on 34th Street and Christmas with Holly are my absolute faves though! x

  9. Love love love all of these! I watch A Christmas Prince on Netflix last week and it was so lovely!