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2 December 2017

Blogmas Day 2 - The Christmas Tag

The Christmas Tag

Favourite Christmas movie?

If I had to pick one, it would be Home Alone. It has me in fits of laughter every time and of course it just gives me all the Christmassy feels.

What are your favourite Christmas colours?

Burgundy and Gold! And anything that sparkles if that counts.

Do you like to dress up or stay in your PJ’s for Christmas?

On Christmas Day, I stay in my PJ’s ALL day! The only time I get dressed up over Christmas is usually Boxing Day.

What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

Chicken, yorkies, vegetables, gravy, ALL THE ROAST POTATOES and of course pigs in blankets

Best gift you have ever received?

Oh gosh. I don’t know! I love everything I’ve ever received, but I have to say my Grandma is usually the best at buying gifts for me, so probably something she’s gotten me.

Peek at gifts or be surprised?

When I was younger, I was all about peeking at the Christmas gifts, but as I got older, I realised that it just ruins the excitement on Christmas morning, so I’m all about being surprised now!

Favourite Christmas memory?

Honestly, the Christmas just gone.

I had THE best time, on boxing day I was laughing so hard I cried (we played that game with the mouth guard things). It was just an amazing Christmas, everyone was happy, and I had the most fun.

Favourite Christmas song?

Oooh this is hard! For me I’d have to say Fairytale of New York.

Favourite Christmas scent?

I love the smell of tinsel when you’re decorating your tree! Or cinnamon/spiced stuff!

Best part about Christmas/What does Christmas mean to you?

Honestly, family.

Christmas is probably the only time of year we’re all guaranteed to get together, and everyone is so happy. It’s just the best time for me.

Instead of tagging specific people, if you want to do a Christmas tag, go for it! I love reading these


  1. Oh my gosh this post was so fun!!! And I’m not the only one! I sniff tinsel because it reminds me of Christmas when I was little! My boyfriend thinks I’m barkin mad for it!


  2. Might have a go at a Christmas Tag myself as I loved reading yours! I love cinnamon smells too over Christmas and how Christmas is all about family.

    Love Amber - x

  3. Ah, I loved reading this! I Love cinnnamon scented things, especially candles! They remind me so much of christmas!

    Love, Melissa x

  4. Mate, I love me a tag post and this is my fave cos it’s christmassy! Love finding out more about my fave bloggers!

  5. I loved this tag! It's so much fun to read how other people feel about Christmas x

  6. Loved reading this! Tinsel does have a distinct smell doesn’t it! Home Alone is definitely. Fave for me too!

    Sarah x

  7. I’m exactly the same with gifts, I used to love knowing what I was getting but now I love surprises πŸ™Š

  8. Loved your answers! I'm definitely gonna do the christmas tag <3

    Phoebe x

  9. Such a lovely post! I used to be so bad for trying to peep at my presents!

  10. I love posts like these cause I think you really get to know the person behind the blog!! Loved reading this x

    Shauna |

  11. I try to stay in my pyjamas for as long as possible on Christmas. On boxing day I was in my dressing gown all day because it was so soft. Burgundy is my favourite colour all year round so when it comes to Christmas its great that it is all that I wear. Cinnamon is also a lovely scent. I like black cherry around Christmas time!
    Lois x

  12. I’ve absolutely been loving the Christmas Tag! I’m totally with you in cinnamon scents, they’re so Christmassy!!

  13. I agree with you about burgendy and gold! πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

  14. I really smiled at your memory of last Christmas...and I totally know what you mean about the smell of tinsel!

    Abi xx

  15. It was so much fun reading your answers!

    xoxo Sienna

  16. Bronze christmas decorations are my favourite this year, I loved decorating my tree with browns, golds and bronze. No tinsel on my tree though, and I've never actually noticed a smell on tinsel, I'll definitely be having a sniff next time my mums decorating her tree.

    Ffi | The Essence of Red

  17. Loved reading your answers! Home Alone is my fave for having all the christmassy feels too :D I'm glad I'm not the only one who also chills in their pjs on christmas day too haha :D