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15 December 2017

Blogmas Day 15 - My Favourite Blogmas Bloggers

The amount of Bloggers doing Blogmas this year is insane, but also wonderful.
My Twitter/Instagram feed is full of these amazingly festive posts, and they have definitely helped me get into the Christmas Spirit this year!

I actually had a post planned for today, but scrapped it to support some of my amazing fellow bloggers, and do aaaaall the bragging about their amazing Blogmas posts!

Here are some of my top bloggers whose blogmas you NEED to be up to date with!

First up is my angel, Lauren from Loulabellerose

Her blog is honestly, goals. Her photography is always incredible and shes the sweetest lil thing.

I have been adoring her Blogmas posts, they're fun to read, festive, and the photography is stunning.

She also has this adorable Santa that flies across the screen, along with some adorable subtle snow!

Her posts range from lifestyle, to beauty, to fashion, and shes including it allllll in her Blogmas!

My favourite post of hers so far, has been the 'Festive Night In Essentials'

This post gave me all the feels, and I ended up spending the rest of my evening watching Christmas films with a cup of hot chocolate after reading this!

Amy is my literal red headed soul sister (also potential personality twin who knows)

Her blog was one of the first I eve read, and I feel in love with her writing, her photography, and her flawless makeup.

Amy's Blogmas posts have all kept me anticipating the next one.

Every day I'm just waiting for her to post a new one, yep I love them.

Her makeup skills are just incredibleeee

These are my favourite from her Blogmas so far, as a fellow redhead, I always know what she uses will work for me, and this one above that she posted today left me SHOOK.

Hayley from Mermaidmoonchild

Hayley is one of my inspirations within the whole blogmas business.

Her photos make me green with envy, and her flawless makeup does the same.

She's ridiculously talented, and her blog shows exactly that.

Her blogmas posts and photos have been so fun to read, and see appear on all my social media!

Her photos are just so damn colourful and festive, I LOVE IT

One of the posts I adored from Hayley is her 'How To Get Into The Christmas Spirit'.

Amongst her other posts, this may seem like an odd one to pick, but I just adore her words and photography in this.

AND, believe it or not, I actually struggled a bit with feeling festive this year, but her post helped me realise that it's Christmas, and I should be happy and enjoying every moment!

Jess from World of Jess

Jess is one of my oldest and dearest friends, but that in no way makes me biased about her amazing blog.

She has come so far with blogging, and you can literally see the growth before your eyes in her posts. She is such a refreshing blogger to be following and reading.

I adore her.

Her blogmas has been so fun to keep up with, and I love that she has this blogmas image specially made for all of her posts!

I love how creative and festive her posts are (shes literally Mrs. Clause I swear).

My favourite so  far HAS to be her video post in collab with Laura from Land of Laura

It had me laughing out loud from the get go, and I adored the video so much.

From the festive set up, to those Christmas Tree Lollipops, trust me, you NEED to watch this!

Melissa from Love, Melissa x

Melissa is also a dear friend of mine, I had the pleasure of actually meeting this wonderful blogger this year too!

She kills the makeup game, and her blog is incredible!

Her blogmas has also, obviously, been such a delight to read.

She's such a lovely and heartwarming person, and it literally beams through her posts.

Her blogmas posts have given me ideas for next year, ideas for gifts, and ideas on how to improve my eyebrow game (hers are flawless).

My favourite post of hers is her 'My Christmas Traditions'

Now, I love this post because 
1. I'm nosey, and 
2. Look at how adorable little Melissa is!

I love the Christmas Traiditions posts! They make me feel so warm and festive!

I'll have my own going up soon!

That's a little round up of some of my favourite blogmas bloggers this year so far!

I am adoring everyone's posts, but if I included everyone in here, this post would be WAY too long!

Who are you loving this blogmas? Leave some links below in the comments!


  1. KATIE!

    Your kind words made me well up a little thank you so much for being the kindest but realest blogger I know, I am proud internet friend and I hope I meet you in real life some day!



  2. Oh my god girl I’m literally gonna cry!! It means so much to me that you’re loving my posts so much, and your compliments on my makeup seriously make my world, thank you!!! Also I want it made official that we’re actually sisters because this needs to happen

  3. Love your post dear ♥
    If you want you can check out my blog.I write about fashion,beauty and lifestyle.Maybe we can follow each other and be great blogger friends !

  4. I love these kinds of posts, I'm excited to have a read of some of these blogs!

  5. I haven't heard of the majority of these bloggers so will defos be checking them out!!

    Charlene McElhinney (@blogabtnothing1)

  6. Some great choices here! I absolutely love Lauren's blog too (loulabellerose) - her photography is always so flawless!

    Serena /