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10 December 2017

Blogmas Day 10 - Shop Independent This Christmas

When Christmas comes around, there's one thing we'll probably all be doing - shopping for gifts!
For today's post, I wanted to share some amazing independent stores that you should consider buy from this Christmas!

First up, is my girl Lynsey's shop.

Lynsey's work is beautiful.
She has a knack for colours, and unqiue pieces.
Her products range from personalised jewelry, to wedding accessories.

I think one of her personalised pieces would make an amazing Christmas gift for a special person in your life!

Check out her website here:

Next up, we have Tarnya's Etsy Store Sweet Allure

Her work is AMAZING.
She is ridiculously talented, and her prints range from Disney, to Harry Potter and more!

I would love to frame one of these and pop it up in my bedroom, and I can think of a few people would love these as gifts!

I can't do a 'shop independently' post without including Jemma (dorkface).
She's not only an amazing (and very selfless) person, but she is an incredible artist.

Her art ranges from prints, to quotes, to custom made items, to portraits.

Her work is so colourful, and so so beautiful.

What could be more thoughtful than getting someone artwork dedicated to their whole personality?

Check out her Etsy store here:

Lastly, we have Tore.

Her Etsy shop is called 'ATinyMew', and it's all 'tattoo style' artwork.

I have to say, her work blew me away when I first saw it! It's all so vibrant, and beautifully done.

I actually would personally be ecstatic to receive the Darth Vader print for Christmas!

Check out her Etsy store here:

I'm loving the support for independent stores/website this year. And I think they make Christmas gifts that much more special as you know their unique and not quite 'mass produced'.

Do you have any favourite independent businesses you'll be buying from this Christmas? 
Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love etsy its full of things that make the most lovely and personal presents. Its the best for all geek loves too

  2. I really love Lynsey’s stuff, and how awesome is that Slytherin print? I NEED

  3. Love this post! It's so important to support independent shops! Etsy is perfect for finding unique gifts!