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24 October 2017

Blogging Problems, Pet Peeves, and Pressures

If you knew what you know now about blogging when you first started blogging, would you still have clicked that publish button?
I honestly don't think I would have.
There are a lot of 'issues' within the blogging world that I think aren't spoken about enough. Or, if they are, it's mainly the issues that everyone deals with (i.e brands expecting bloggers to work for free).
There are things about blogging that you probably don't find out until you're a few months in, and you're noticing that these problems are becoming a common occurrence, but not a lot of people are talking about them.

Witch hunting on social media has almost became the norm within the blogging world now. You probably know what I'm talking about, and if you don't, you're lucky. You have probably seen the endless tweets of fellow bloggers commenting on just how much drama there is in the blogging community now, but I want to focus on the cause of it.
You have almost definitely seen it happen.
 Someone tweets or posts something a little controversial, or about a topic that's a bit 'touchy', or it can even be something so silly or even something based on the wrong facts/information, and the next thing you know, it has blown up, and every blogger and their aunt has something to say.

What we seem to forget, is in this mass witch hunting for the culprit, for proving that you're right and they're wrong, there is an actual person on the other end of this targeted 'assault'.
Everything we say has an impact.
Of course everyone is titled to an opinion, but when you see hundreds of bloggers attacking/commenting on one blogger, is it really okay? To join in on seeking someone out just to have your say and potentially cause more drama than stopping it?

You can almost go as far to call it 'mob mentality'.
You see other bloggers doing it, they make it look okay, so you join in.
Do we really think it's okay? Is it justified? Are two wrongs making a right in this case?

Cliques are a thing now. You were probably part of them in school, but they're here in the blogging world too. Cliques may be the wrong term, but what I'm referring to is groups of certain bloggers, that claim/are in a certain 'tier', and act like that's all that matters, that if you're a smaller blogger, you don't matter as much.

If you're not part of a blogging group or 'clique', blogging can be extremely lonely. You always feel slightly left behind, left out, never quite part of the conversation.
They have become more apparent, and I see more and more tweets every day of bloggers commenting on how lonely and left out they feel.

Are these 'cliques'/groups leaving out other bloggers intentionally? Do we get to decide on who is worthy and who isn't?
Bloggers are bloggers, no matter their follower count, or the amount of brand collabs they have done

This community is made of mainly female bloggers, and of course at times this is an issue. Girls can be downright nasty and absolute bitches.

Blogging comes with such a unwanted amount of pressure. Pressure to post X amount of times a week, pressure to have the latest release, pressure to be doing things like all of the 'top bloggers' to justify your presence.

Blogging almost feels like a competition, when it's supposed to be a hobby, something we love doing, and for those of us lucky enough, a full time job.
You will always feel pressure to do things a certain way, and that's mainly because you see others doing it. This causes so much pressure on bloggers, that we often end up feeling guilty for when we need to take time off for ourselves.
 If you don't do these things, you often feel off topic, not as relevant, not a good enough blogger, and it's such a shame, as it puts off smaller bloggers for even bothering to try.

These are just a few of the main 'unspoken' problems within blogging I have noticed in my short year of being a blogger.
I don't even know how you could fix the problems, when you realise that the main cause, are us bloggers ourselves.


  1. This was an excellent post and I love that you've featured other bloggers' opinions too. I totally agree that blogging has become a competition and pressurising and some people are doing it for all the wrong reasons but I just stick to my guns - I blog straight from the heart & when and if I feel like it! I'm super proud of my wee corner of the internet and I try not too concern myself too much with all of the drama! There's too much of it to keep up with nowadays anyway; I'm always completely out of the loop ha ha! Fabulous piece of writing sweetie and a very relevant topic too!

    Charlene McElhinney

  2. Great post babe! I think it’s so important to bring to light the ‘hidden’ problems within blogging. Honestly, I’ve been blogging for over a year (properly) and I’ve noticed all of these issues, however I love to blog so I don’t think knowing these before would have changed my decision to start my blog x

  3. Love this post! If I had known that blogging would eventually make me feel like I can't share my opinions without fearing a possible witch hunt I definitely would have thought twice about it. Personally I think I push myself out of the loop though, I'm way too anxious to just talk to people on Twitter, so I often end up talking to myself. Cliques definitely exist and certainly do seem to push out newer or smaller bloggers. Great post :) xx

  4. I totally agree with Georgie's tweet, there's such a pressure for everything to be perfectly set out with flawless photos and everything like an article. I personally love the more casual posts, I'd rather it be real and an interesting read myself. I wouldn't have changed my decision to blog though knowing these things beforehand because it's still what I enjoy and I just try to ignore negativity as best as possible x


  5. Honestly can say I like to stay out of drama on all areas of my world. I loved blogging and the people who are equally creative, but sometimes feeling excluded because you're not in a clique is wrong and aren't we one group of people doing the same thing but all in our unique way. Love how you point out some major changes within the blogging community, and love the fact you've included others thoughts on it too. Fab!!



  6. I have just recently started a blog and all the things you stated are so relatable to me! I feel very left out a lot and sometimes I feel as if I have to be like the popular bloggers in order to be relevant. I absolutely loved this and I honestly couldn't agree more with everything you said! You're blog is amazing, keep up the good work! Xx

  7. This is such a excellent post. I agree with all these points. I've been on the recieving end of the mob mentality and it's not nice at all.

  8. Wonderful post! I've been blogging in some form or another for over 10yrs (geeze I'm getting old!) and in the beginning it was lovely and fresh and new, everyone was supporting each other, fast forward 4yrs and the advertising started, suddenly there was money to be made from this 'hobby'. There were now blogging conferences to attend, cliques formed and everyone was in competition with each other. I used to care what people thought about my posts, what I could write that would get the most comments so that advertisers would be interested etc but nowadays I write because I now have a mental illness and writing helps me through the hard times, I also hope that my stories might help one or two other people. I no longer have hoards of followers, I'm lucky to get just a few comments or likes but I am at peace with myself that I am doing it all for the right reasons, I am doing it because I love writing and I am doing it for me.

  9. Thanks for the post, there is negativity but there is light too.

    I think one of the key problems is that brands or their PR have difficulty measuring the value that bloggers provide. The flip side of that is that bloggers don't know how to value themselves. One good tip I saw recently was to charge 3x Domain Authority for a post. Also to have a range of options and to be flexible with people.

    Another top tip is to try and spot the difference between PR and SEO. The first are interested in the brand. The
    second often just links and keywords.
    I don't think blogging needs to be a zero sum game. So if one blogger does well it can help all bloggers, particularly if they share their tips and advice.
    If you dramatically change topics or stop blogging for a while then you will loose some followers but you will get others back instead.