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30 October 2017

Beauty Subscription Box - My New Fave?

POWDER - Beauty Just Got Personal

I have been on the hunt for THE perfect beauty subscription box for as long as I can remember. I've tried the usual (glossybox, birchbox etc), but they usually always left me feeling disappointed.
There were always upwards of 3 products I would never use inside of them, so they just weren't worth the money.

Alas I found POWDER. 

I was intrigued straight away as you get 7 products for only £15 (plus p&p). I went straight onto their website and saw what this months (October) box included.

So, I ordered it.

Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was that it is exactly what they say - a beauty drawer. It's a box with a pull out drawer, and inside is tissue paper, those little paper worms (? I don't know what they're called haha) and a leaflet with what the box contains, how they work/what they are.

In this months box you get:

NIP+FABS Dragon Blood Fix Plumping Serum (mini)
Lottie London Blush Crush (full size)
Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge (full size)
BLAQ Mask (mini)
Urban Veda Facial Wash (mini)
Nails Inc Corrector Pen (full size)
Calvin Klein Obsessed EDP (vial)

I have been wanting to try NIP+FABS skincare range for aaages, but it's not exactly budget friendly, so I was very happy to receive this! 
First Impressions: I'm not a fan of the smell of this, but in first application it made my skin go a little red, and had the slightest of stings, but I guess that means it's working right?
This is more tailored for people with dry skin, and as I have oily skin I'm not sure how great this would be for my own use, however my skin did feel lovely after using this, so I'm torn as to whether I would repurchase this or not!

I have never tried Lottie makeup, although I have always been intrigued as the packaging is so so pretty.
In this months box you receive a full size blush, in one of two shades.
First Impressions: This is a lovely product to get, however the shade is way too bright for me. It's almost like a coral/bright pink colour.

Probably my favourite product in this box, the Look Good Feel Better Sculpting Sponge.
The main reason I love this, is because the sponges proceeds go to the support of Women With Cancer, I mean come on, what a lovely idea!
First Impressions: I actually love this beauty blender! It works just as well as my Real Techniques one, and the sponge has a flat top on either side, which is so handy when it comes to under eye concealer!

I was very excited to receive this product, who doesn't love a good facemask? And I love the packaging of this one too! It's right up my street.
I have never heard of 'BLAQ', but I'm very excited to try this!
First Impressions: I haven't had the time to try this yet, but the consistency seems to be the same as most of those 'black face masks'. I can imagine it cleans out pores very well!

Another brand I haven't heard of, but still was very excited to try!
I love that this is for daily use, and it also states it's 'soothing' rather than a harsh scrub (I have way too many of those).
First Impressions: This smells lovely! And it is very soothing! I also love that this is oil balancing, and hopefully, with use over time, I'll be able to notice some improvement!

I didn't know such things as corrector pens existed! I have been using a cotton ear cleaner and nail varnish remover this whole time!
First Impressions: This is such a fab idea for a product, however I don't think this would last very long, as once it gets 'dirty' it simply says to turn over to another side of the nib, meaning that once the whole thing is 'dirty', it's useless. It works pretty well, so if this lasts a decent amount of time, I'll probably buy one myself!

Again, I have never tried Calvin Klein perfume, I'm more of a Britney Spears perfume fan.
But I love getting little vials, they're so handy to just have in your bag, and to also test out a perfume and see if you like it!
First Impressions: This perfume is lovely! It has subtle hints of lavender, and as it's a 'female' take on a male perfume, it is more of a musky scent. I am definitely interested in buying a full size version of this! It seems like the perfect scent for Autumn/Winter.

And that's the whole box!

The full size to mini sized products ration was quite fair, and for your price I think you definitely get your money's worth!

Would you be interested in subscribing up to the POWDER beauty drawer?

Kt x


  1. I hadn't heard of this subscription box before but that's a great amount of products for the price! I use the Nip+Fab serum every day, I've got combination/oily skin and it seems to do an amazing job of balancing my skin out - weirdly, I actually love the smell as well haha. Might have to try out that sponge! x


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  3. How pretty! I love the packaging of the Nip and Fab products great post Katie xox Imogen


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  6. Love the look of this! Deffo checking it out!

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