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15 October 2017

Autumnal Makeup Look - Budget Beauty

It sure has been a while! I took a mini break from blogging, but I'm back! And I have a fun makeup look post for you all!

(I am sorry for the crappy photography, I've had that long off I feel like I've forgotten how to take a decent photo! Bare with though, they will improve as the weeks go on)

I recently purchased a few items from Primark' peachy range, and I couldn't WAIT to do a post to show you guys how much I love all of this stuff, so today's post is a lil makeup look using their eye shadow palette, and their highlight and blush palette!
The packaging, branding, colours, pigment etc, it's all just so amazing considering they are both only £4 each!

The eyeshadow palette has now become my daily go to in the morning when I get ready. It retails for only £4! It has some gorgeous, not to mention perfect for Autumn, shades! And, it smells like PEACHES.

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

There is a bit of fallout with this palette, but to be honest, at £4 it is expected.
The pigment is insane, probably to the same quality I get from my Morphe palettes, and it blends so so well!

I also picked up the highlight and blush palette too! This one comes with three shades, a highlight, a blush, and the third I'd actually say you can use as both! This palette also retails for £4!
The packaging is so so cute on both of these, Primark are killing it lately with their makeup releases!

L-R Highlight, Blush, & hihglight/blush

I created an Autumnal look using these two palettes, pictures are below!

I used a mixture of the foils and matte oranges/golds for this look

Check out that glow! This is from the first colour in the highlight&blush palette!

Do you think you'll be picking up these two from Primark on your next visit?! Let me know in the comments!

Kt x


  1. I love the look!, I haven't seen these palettes but they look like a nice alternative too two faced sweet peach's range.
    Charlie |

  2. You look stunning! What gorgeous shades and autumnal glow. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for them next time I'm in Primark!
    Hels xx

  3. This is such a pretty look, can't believe it's all from Primark! Are the eyeshadows long lasting?

    1. Yes lovely! 8+ hours! I wear the eyeshadow to work and it lasts all day x

  4. Love those colors and the look you created with them!

  5. These makeup palettes are gorgeous! I honestly can't believe they're from Primark! I love the colours in the eyeshadow palette and I love the makeup look you have shared with us, its so pretty. I'm definitely going to look into getting these palettes when I'm not in Primark. Thanks for sharing Katie xx

    1. I definitely would girl! It's my go to palette now! 100% worth the price x

  6. Oh my goodness I think I need to get myself over to Primark, these products look amazing! I think for the price the packaging and the pigments look so nice, you've created some beautiful looks from them. I think my favourite is definitely the third row of the eyeshadow palette!

    Tallulah xx

    1. That's my favourite too aha! I love how the colours fit right into the season too! And for the price you can't go wrong at all! X

  7. Wow...It's looks stunning, Lovely eye-shadows. And i also like mixture of the foils and matte oranges!! Which gives you fresh look. | Stunning Boho Jewellery Store

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