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21 September 2017

The Photo Diaries: Bloggers Weekend

Laura, Bettie, Lauren, Jess, Melissa, & Lauren
I have been part of a group chat full of other amazing blogging ladies for months now, and this past weekend we all finally got to meet!
We come from all over the UK, including, Scotland, Liverpool, Manchester, Midlands & London! We all know how hard it is to make plans in a group chat, now imagine making plans when you all live miles and miles from each other!

Anyway, we got some amazing shots of our weekend together, so this will be more of a photo based post, enjoy!

Stuffing 7 bloggers into one room to get ready and do their makeup was a very interesting sight to see! Laura's living room looked like an explosion of makeup by the time we were done!

My mountain of well balanced makeup palettes

Once we were all ready, we headed into a shopping centre and straight into Primark! And of course, we are all bloggers so we instantly flocked to the copper and marble!

I found the best night shirt/top ever. It was Game Of Thrones, and I was so happy.
Once we were all done shopping, Laura took us to the most picturesque little garden place ever, and here are some of the amazing shots that myself, and others, took!
Bettie (
Jess ( and Laura
Me! And Lauren (
Melissa (, Bettie, and Laura (

I could have filled this with SO many photos, but I'm actually going to save that for the second part of this little series, a blog post I'm going to aptly name 'The Outtakes', that will include all the hilarious in between shots we go of ourselves before the 'nice, candid' ones were shot. So keep your eyes peeled!

Do you have online friends that have made their way into your everyday life? I have, and I couldn't live without these girls. They're my best friends!


  1. Fantastic blog post Katie and I'd love to do a bloggers meet up on day it sounds and looks so cool. I'm so glad you all had an amazing time

  2. I would love to be able to be apart of this chat 😁 glad you had an amazing time 😱

    Chelsea xx