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3 September 2017

Driving Pet Peeves

I'm lucky enough to have my own car, and I have been driving for almost 3 years, I used to love it, but now, I dread getting in my car thanks to the absolute twats you run into on the road. So I've put a list together of my driving pet peeves, including at the end some quotes from people on twitter!
(i totally cleaned my car just to take a photo for this post)

People that don't indicate

Do you know how easy it is to flick the indicator to let people know where you're going? NOT VERY HARD. It literally takes two seconds, so just do it? Nothing more frustrating than driving behind someone that suddenly veers off left/right and leaves you having to break quickly. Wankers.


Just...why? It's annoying, dangerous, and literally all you will achieve is me slowing down even more on purpose. If I can see the whites of your eyes in my rear view mirror, YOU'RE TOO DAMN CLOSE.

People that pull out of junctions in front of you

So dangerous, and lord knows I will use my horn. Just why? Why do drivers feel the need to pull out a junction when they can see you coming? If I have to break to slow down, you shouldn't have pulled out, simple.
It's even worse when said car then drives at/under the speed limit.

People that don't say thank you when you let them out/let them past

This is so rude, I've taken my time to slow my car to a stop to let you past, AND YOU CAN'T EVEN GIVE A FLICK OF YOUR HAND TO SAY THANK YOU?!
This then makes me angry for the rest of my journey, meaning I also probably won't let anyone out again because of one idiot.

People that drive under the speed limit

Just no. If I have to overtake you because you're driving 10-20mph under the speed limit, please rethink your life choices, and maybe get off the road too.

Drivers that leave their high beams on

This has actually happened to me from cars that are in front and behind me. Ridiculous right? You are literally blinding me, I can't see the road. I could literally crash. Fucking turn them OFF.

I also asked people on Twitter what their driving pet peeves were, here are some of the best ones I recieved!

'don't know if this applies but also when they don't park in their own bay and take up half of another'

It totally does count.

'people who go into a lane even though they know it's ending & then try to push in front of you'


'people who use their phones while driving'

So stupid, they need their license taken off them

Do you have any driving pet peeves? I would love to hear them in the comments!