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27 September 2017

Bloggers Weekend - The Outtakes

I feel like whenever you see blog posts of bloggers out and about, the photos are always practically perfect. They're pretty candid shots, with amazing backgrounds, flattering angles etc etc.
While we did get some of those types of photos, I thought it would be fun to share with you the 'outtakes'.

Most of the camera roll consisted of weird, funny faces, awkward poses, and just general hilariousness. These photos vastly outnumbered the candid shots, and this is probably the most realistic post you'll ever see when it comes to the life of a blogger.
Enjoy x

It appears that I couldn't stop talking when the photos were taken - hence the hilarious photos produced
Jess has THE most expressive face
Lauren can't see to take a bad photo - this is the only one we got
Probably the best one of the whole day - Laura tried to hand from the wooden beams
I have no idea what happened here - I look a bit gone out, and Laura is finding something very funny
Another corker caught of my face, I literally just didn't stop talking
I was very uncomfortable in front of the camera - I had no idea what I was doing
Jess' face in this is just too funny
I'm not too sure what happened here....

I hope you enjoyed this post! There were so many funny shots - it was hard to narrow them down! And honestly, they were mainly of Me, Laura & Jess!
Lauren R is just ridiculously photogenic, and I have no 'bad' ones of Bettie, Melissa or Lauren M!

If you like these types of posts - more photos, less text, let me know! I'd love to do more in the future!

Kt x


  1. These are so funny! You feeling awkward in front of the camera is me, I literally never know what to do when someone's taking a photo of me. I could never be a serious fashion blogger... I can't pose and I just live in the same three outfits haha.


  2. Love this, it shows so much joy and happiness in your friendship

  3. hahah this is brilliant, I love seeing outtakes
    elle x