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23 August 2017

Moonlight Melts

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people over at Moonlight Melts (check out their website here) sent me some of their wax melts to try out! And I have to say, I'm literally in love, from the names, the design, the scents, it's all perfect! And I now reach for them over my Yankee Candle ones!

You will need either a tealight or electric wax burner to use these, and Moonlight Melts actually stock these on their website too! They sell these as singles or packs, making them perfect for gifts too! The actual melt itself lasts so so long! I actually had to take them out of the bowl once they'd gone back solid so I could use the others. The smell also fills the entire room too! Which is definitely the main thing I was looking for with these!

They have also released some Autumnal scents on their website now too (which I'll definitely be buying), including 'Dragons Blood', 'Cinnamon Spice', 'Caramel Apple', 'Orange & Cinnamon', & 'Grandma's Kitchen'.

'True Lavender'

I'm not actually a huge fan of lavender myself, but I'd actually make an acception for this wax melt! The scent isn't ridiculously overpowering, so I love using this in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how pretty this wax melt is?! I didn't want to use it! It has real lavender inside it! 

'Mermaid Sparkle'

How amazing is the name of this one?! And the scent is so different to anything I've used before! It's so fresh, and the smell actually reminds me of the ocean!

This melt is a gorgeous light blue, with silver, red and gold sprinkles on the top! When melted it leaves the room smelling fresh and 'clean', almost like the cotton fresh scents you get! Again this is the kind of scent I'd use in my bathroom or kitchen.

'Peppermint & Eucalyptus'

This one is so so unique! I love the smell of anything mint, but I've never actually smelt Eucalyptus before! This one reminds me of the smell of natural face masks almost! Again falling along the lines of those more 'clean and fresh' scents.

This one is in such a pretty little star shape! And has the most gorgeous dark teal colour! I love the look of this one so much! Again another scent I'd use in areas like the kitchen where I would want it to smell fresh and clean.

'Black Cherry'

This one is one my personal favourites out of all the ones I was sent! I love anything cherry/berry scented, and this is so sweet and strong, I love it! It reminds me of some kind of childhood sweet that I can't put my finger on! 

This one is a gorgeous bright red, in the shape of a heart. I'd personally use this everywhere as I absolutely adore the scent. You need this in your life.

'Soft Blanket'

I'm sure you'll think this one has a similar smell to the Yankee Candle of a similar name, or smell similar to the first couple of was melts in this post, but, like me, you'd be wrong! This has such a warm, inviting smell! Which I mainly put down to the cherry blossom and vanilla hints in there! It's such a gorgeous scent, I'll definitely be purchasing more of these!

As you can see, this is another cute star shape! It looks yellow in these pictures, but it is actually more of a soft/light caramel colour in real life! And as mentioned, it has such a warm smell, so I personally love using this in my bedroom.


As you can tell by the name, this one is grapefruit scented! And I kid you not it actually smells like the real thing! Sweet but also kind of bitter! 

This one is a cute little flower shape, with silver sparkles on top! I'm not a massive fan of grapefruit, so I'd probably like to melt this one in my kitchen, just because that's where the other fruit lives!

'Monkey Farts'

This one is my absolute favourite out of all the ones I was kindly scent (much to my surprise), from the name, to the colour, to the scent, it smells good enough to eat!
Monkey Farts is a gorgeous tropical scent, and you can really pick up the hints of banana, coconut and grapefruit! It's not too sweet which I love, the coconut balances out the banana and grapefruit perfectly.
You need this in your life (also Moonlight Melts, please bring out a candle version of this!)

Monkey Farts is another heart shaped wax melt, and is a gorgeous bright yellow colour! I'll definitely be purchasing more of this on payday!


I will admit, I was expecting this to have a more strong candy like bubblegum scent, the description even says that too, but for some reason mine was quite subtle? This may be my own fault as I left it sat with the other scents, but I was a little disappointed with this one!

I love the loon of this one! I've only had one in this shape, it actually looks like a little cupcake! It is a lovely bright blue, with silver sparkles on the top!

'Cucumber & Watermint'

Lastly, we have cucumber and watermint! This one is such a unusual scent! I've never smelt anything like this before. It's such a good balance between mint and cucumber, and the lilies bringing some sweetness to the scent. I absolutely adore the smell of this one! 

This is another little heart one, and is a very pale green colour! Another favourite of mine that I will be repurchasing!

I could rave about Moonlight Melts all day, and I will definitely be purchasing their Autumnal range that they currently have on their website! 
Have you ever tried Moonlight Melts? If not, you definitely should! And amazing rival for Yankee Candle!


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