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19 August 2017

Charlotte Tilbury - Instant Look In A Palette Review

The Charlotte Tilbury website recently had a sale on, in which you could buy her 'Instant Look In A Palette' for £29 as opposed to the original price tag of £49.
As I've never owned anything from Charlotte Tilbury, but always wanted to, I instantly bought this.
And, to be honest, I have a complete love hate relationship with the palette.

The palette comes with 3 eyeshadows (a very light pink 'brighten', a gold/champagne shimmery 'enahnce', and a medium-dark brown 'smoke' shade). Then underneath is a light contour shade, two pink blusher shades ('cheek swish' and 'cheek pop') and then finally a golden champagne highlighter.

My issues started when I swatched the eyeshadow shades. As you can see above, you can only just about see the first two shades, and the third 'smokey' colour has a decent pigment.
What's worse is that this isn't just one swatch of the finger, it took me 3-4 dips of the brush to get those colours above, and the first two are still didn't come out very well.

The contour shade was definitely better when swatched! It's a teeny bit orange, but not as much as Benefit's Hoola, so I knew my pale skin could work with this.

Again, the blushes had better pigment than the eyeshadows, but I did have to dip the brush in over 3 times to get the above colour. But, as this is the 'natural beauty' palette, I'm not too fussed as I do like a subtle blush, and the colours are so pretty.

The highlighter didn't swatch too great at first, but once I rubbed the brush in past the first layer of product it was much better! As this is the natural beauty palette, the highlighter isn't overpowering, and you can definitely tell it's a high quality product too!

So, I decided to include pictures of me actually wearing the product so you could see how it fared. This is my eyes with all three eyeshadows on, and as you can see, the only one you can really make out is the third one out of the palette. You can slightly make out the other two in real life a bit better, you can tell there is a slight shimmer from the second shade, but that's about it - and this is with me building up the product. 
I know this is called the 'natural beauty' palette, but this is less than natural, it's barely noticeable! I was so disappointed with the shadows, especially considering the brand and price!

The bottom half of the palette is much better, and is what saved this palette for me. The contour is quite light on the skin, so for anyone that has a dark complexion, I wouldn't advise this! But it works so well on pale skin, and the highlighter is beautiful, its subtle but buildable, and it actually looks more natural, it's such a gorgeous glow rather than a glittery shimmer! As for the blush, you can't make it out in this photo at all, but I could in real life, again they're subtle, they add a lovely bit of colour to your face, which again with being pale, I love!

So that's the whole palette! As I said in the beginning, I do have a love/hate relationship, as the eyeshadows were a big letdown, and if I had paid the original £49 I would have been even more disappointed. But luckily for me the rest of this palette made up for the shadows, and I do use the rest of it every day now! 

Have you tried this palette? I'd love to hear if anyone has tried the other two and how they fared? 
Let me know in the comments!



  1. The less than natural shades would actually suit me haha, I love any type of eyeshadow that makes me look I'm not wearing any.
    It sucks though that you were disappointed with this palette but I'm glad you were happy with the bottom half of it!

  2. I love natural palettes so I believe this would be perfect for me! I actually love how you've done the eyeshadow with all three, they blend well into the darker shade. I think I would agree on the naturalness of the palatte like you woulda thought for £49 it would have been a little bit more pigmented.

    Gemma |

  3. It's always disappointing when you get some dud shades in a palette! The face shades look lovely though! I love this style of post where you can see them on you too

  4. As you know I was seriously considering getting this! It looks so beautiful And I thought a whole look in a palette would be amazing. I think the thing that stopped me getting it was the eyeshadows, I could just tell those light shades wouldn't really do much. I wish there was different variations of the palette with the same blush/bronze/highlight shades but different eyeshadow options. I just don't think the blush/bronze shades in the other palettes would suit me! So annoying as it's so pretty and tempting! Great review though Katie, I think it was definitely worth it for you being in the sale at £29 but I don't think I could pay the full £49 now

    Ellie x

  5. I knew from looking at this palette it wouldn't be for me. It's not bad for sale price but I would have been so disappointed paying almost £50 for it!

  6. It's such a shame that this palette was a bit hit and miss because it looks gorgeous and would be perfect for travelling, practically everything in one place! For the price of it I definitely would of thought it would be a lot more pigmented! Great review as always though doll and I'm glad you love the bottom half of the palette!!

    Love, Melissa x

  7. Ive never actually bought anything from CT before but have always wanted to, just such a lot of money! It's a shame this palette was a bit mixed but at least you got it on sale rather than at full price, it's so disappointing when you spend a lot of money on something then don't really love it isn't it. Great review lovely x

    Tiffany x

  8. £29 is such a steal for this palette!, I have to see this sale. I've had my eye on this palette for a while but it doesn't look worth the money, the pigment doesn't seem too great which is a shame!.
    Charlie |

  9. Ah Katie I'm so sorry you were disappointed by this one! Having pale skin is a minefield, especially when you order online. Thanks for such an honest review, beautiful one xx

  10. I only have the Beauty Glow Palette but in my opinion it's so much better quality than this! Although I think this is an insane price tag, I think the eyeshadows in the Beauty Glow Palette are way more pigmented - I'd definitely recommend her eyeshadow palettes though, they're amazing!!!

  11. I can see why you have such a love / hate relationship with this palette! I would have been so disappointed had I paid the full £49 for it! It is indeed a natural look but the first two eyeshadow shades really have zero pigmentation! I do like the blush on you on your swatch though! Such a shame as I'd expect way more from Charlotte Tilbury given the brands reputation!

    Abbey 🌸

  12. The colours look gorgeous against your skin . love it!!!<3