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14 July 2017

What I Got For My 21st Birthday!

I love these kinds of post mainly because I'm so nosy and love seeing what others got for their birthday's, Christmas etc!

So on the 26th June I turned 21! I was lucky enough to spend it with my family and friends, and I got some amazing gifts, I was so happy with everything I recieved, and as usual for these type of posts, I am in no way bragging, just sharing with you all my best birthday yet!

Mum and Dad

My main present from my parents was the spraying of my car. I had a white and black mini cooper, and it was always a dream of mine to have an all black mini, I wanted the thing as black as my wardrobe/soul so, my parents very kindly payed for my car to be sprayed!

They were also lovely enough to get me a couple of gifts to open on my actual birthday too! And first up is this absolutely stunning rose gold necklace from Warren James.
It is absolutely stunning, and I'm pretty sure my dad picked this out all by himself, so props to him!
Its a small rose gold circle filled with Swarovski crystals! I don't think I've ever owned anything so beautiful!

They also got me the glass square you can almost see in the background of the photo above! It says Happy 21st Katie and inside the glass square are fairy lights!

They also took me out for a meal, got me THE most gorgeous cake, and I am so so grateful for everything they got for me! 

Dan (boyfriend)

The main gift from my boyfriend (which I haven't photographed as I didn't want this post to be super long) was a pair of straighteners, and he also bought me a new theme for my blog from Pipdig! He also got me a cute little light up box that you put the letters into that I now keep on my desk! He also bought me gin with some tonic to go with it!  

Here are some photos of the other little bits he bought for me:

My favourite perfume - Fantasy by Britney Spears

He bought me lots of candles, but here is my favourite one! You can pick this up from Primark!


My brother was extremely generous and bought me an Olivia Burton watch! This photo absolutely does not do it justice! Its rose gold with a grey strap and grey face, with rose gold lace flowers inside. It's stunning!


My Grandma is amazing at the more sentimental gifts, but she was also incredibly generous and put £100 into a card for me, which I mainly spent in Lush! (keep your eyes peeled for a Lush haul post!)

But here are the more important things she gave me, which I absolutely adore:

A compact mirror with '21' on the case 

A '21' photo album filled with photos of me from birth all the way up to my 21st birthday meal!

This is when I was going through my 'it's not a phase mum' phase haha! That black hair!

Friends / Extended Family

I have the most amazing friends ever, and they bought me some amazing gifts. One in particular I'd like to mention is my friend Paige, she bought me the most adorable silver candle holder lantern (which I haven't photographed as it was already in use) and she also wrote the most sweetest thing in my birthday card, so I'd like to dedicate this little paragraph to her.

My lovely friend at work (Dominika) made me the most incredible chocolate cream strawberry cake and she was also very generous and bought me the above Peony scented candle and some bath bombs!

My cousin, and probably my bestest friend when I was a child, bought me this amazing 'Peach Smoothie' candle, which smells incredible.

My amazing friend Yella (who's blog you can find here) put together the most amazing package for me! It included herbal tea, face masks, cute polaroids with messages on the back, bath salts, a dainty dragonfly necklace, and a 'Find Calm' book where she highlighted her favourite parts and has wrote little tips and messages throughout.

Dans mum and sister bought me this collection of small Jimmy Choo perfumes, and never have I seen anything so pretty! I'm literally in love with the packaging, and now want to own the larger size of all of them!

My lovely friends Sarah and Fiona bought me the above makeup items, and I literally squeled when I opened them! The first is 'The Balm' collection with a highlighter, eyeshadows, blush and lipgloss, and the second is the new 'Benefit Hula Light'! 

Lastly from my amazing girls Jess and Laura (you can find their blogs here and here) bought me a card with the most adorable Gin illustration on the front, so they bought me a frame to go in! And omg they also got me the 'Too Faced Sweet Peach Glow' palette, which contains a highlight, blush and bronzer! And it smells heavenly and I nearly cried when I opened this up!

I of course also had gifts and money off other family members, and I loved absolutely everything I received, but if I included everything I think I'd bore you all! I'm also planning to do a post on what I bought with my birthday money, as the majority of it was Lush, and who doesn't love a good Lush haul?!

Do you see anything on here you'd love to pick up? Let me know in the comments!

Kt x


  1. Firstly, Happy belated birthday Katie! You got so many lovely things, I really like the candles you got. Also congrats on getting a new blog layout, you have such a lovely boyfriend! Hope you have an amazing 21st year xxx

    Melina |

  2. Hope you had a lovely birthday! These gifts all look amazing especially the watch (I'm obsessed with Olivia Burton)

  3. Hope you had a wonderful day! I wish I could smell those candles through the screen, I love scented candles so much. The watch looks absolutely gorgeous! Also I love the glass box with the fairy lights, that is such a cute idea x

  4. It looks like you got some wonderful gifts and I love that gin print.
    Alicia x

  5. I hope you had a lovely birthday! You sure do have some amazing people around you that know you inside and out. These presents are all perfect, I especially love that your parents paid for your car to be sprayed, like wooow...

    Gemma |