Love List

2 July 2017

June Favourites!

June was quite a big month for me, I turned 21! It also went by ridiculously fast, I'd love to relive my birthday weekend over again but sadly it's been and gone. I've loved June, and there are some amazing products I've been loving too!

I mentioned this bad boy in my collective haul (which you can read here) and I've been using it everyday since I've bought it! It's such good coverge, I only have to apply a max of two layers, and it feels so light weight on my skin! It also stays true to it's name, I can go around 5 hours before I can start to see my foundation wearing off, and for someone with oily skin, that's a super thumbs up from me!

I'm sure you've all heard of this miracle concealer, I've even mentioned it in a monthly favourites before! But I stopped using it for a while as I wanted to experiment with other concealers, but I jut couldn't find any that worked as well, so I went straight back to this fabulous little guy. It's amazing for the under eye area, and is literally lasting perfection. 

Another Collection product, this was also mentioned in my collective haul, and I have been using it religiously since i bought it. I love it so much! I've been looking for a primer that hides my hideously big pores for years, and that also works well at making my makeup last longer, and then I picked this little guy up. I'll be doing a whole post on this, that's how much I love it! So keep your eyes peeled.

Yep, the youtuber made me buy it. I've seen this mentioned by so many bloggers, and of course by Zoella herself, so I had to see what the fuss was all about. And lord, our gal wasn't lying, this stuff is magical I swear.
I literally have no eyelashes, I actually used to wear false eyelashes everyday because mine are just a poor excuse for eyelashes, and I couldn't find a mascara that made them look any better, until now. This stuff lengthens, thickens, and I haven't felt the need to wear false eyelashes anymore! I love it.

I've completely overlooked The Body Shop since Lush was introduced into my life, but I popped in there a couple of weeks ago, and they had a sale on, so naturally I bought almost every peach item they had. My favourite of the bunch has to be the Vineyard Peach Body Butter. I use this after I have a bath and my skin feels and smells amazing. It's especially amazing to use after shaving your legs, I literally make my boyfriend stroke my legs whenever I use this stuff now haha!

I actually got this as a Birthday gift from my boyfriend, but he also bought me the same candle back on Valentines Day, and I swear, these are just as good as Yankee Candles, and they are a fraction of the price! When I light this, the whole room smells of the scent, its amazing!

As a birthday treat from my parents, I also went a got my hair and nails done at Hairess Hairdressing & Royal Beauty (take a look at their facebook page here) and I couldn't recommend them enough.
Every single lady in there is so friendly and welcoming, and they even have free cakes for customers too - I mean amazing, right? Free food is always a winner for me.
I got a lovely blonde highlight/baylage/ombre look done to my hair by Danielle, and my nails done in a purple to white ombre done by Tiffany.
If you're ever in the area, check them out! 

Annnnd Blogosphere mag. Mainly because I love and adore Louise Pentland, and she has absolutely SLAYED this mag cover and the shoot she did for the mag. I loved reading her piece, and not only that but this mag is such a good way of finding out about other bloggers, and it gives me so much motivation. My goal one day is to be in that magazine - a girl can dream right?

That's it for my monthly faves! What have you been loving this past month? Let me know in the comments! 

Kt x