18 June 2017

A Collective Haul!

Retail Therapy. I love it, my bank hates it.
But over the past week or so, I have treated myself to some bits, and I thought I would include them all in a collective haul post for you lovely lot!

I picked up this geometric rose gold candle holder from Primark for £3.50.
It's so cute, and I love that you can replace the candle, I may even try and see if i can get a cute little plant to fit in there!

I also picked up this geometric light also in rose gold. This was £5, again from Primark. 
This actually has a little handle on the bottom, so it can either be hung up or sat on a desk like the image above. Multiple choice, I love it.

The Body Shop have quite a big sale on at the moment, and of course I couldn't resist it. I have been looking at their 'Vineyard Peach' collection for a while, so clearly it was meant to be that I bought this.
I believe both of these items were reduced to £7.50 each, one is the body butter and the other is a body scrub, and they both smell delicious.

I also picked up the shower gel, body mist, and body lotion in the same scent! 
I believe all of these were £4 each, which in my opinion is an absolute steal. So the whole collection only cost me £27!

I also did a little makeup haul a couple of weeks back, and these two products are probably my favourite!
The Barry M Flawless Colour Correcting Primer was recommended to me by Melissa, and it does a fab job at correcting the redness I get near my nose and on my cheeks!
I also picked up the Collection 'Primed & Ready' which claims to be a 'mattifying pore minimising primer'.
I think ladies and gentlemen, I may have found a very close dupe for Benefit's Porefessional. This stuff is amazing. The only issue is, I can't use it with the green primer from Barry M, as for some reason it just doesn't do as good as a job at hiding my humongous pores.
But when I use it on it's own, I love it! It smooths my skin, hides my pores, and makes my makeup last considerably longer!

I also picked up three different foundations, as I'm currently on the hunt for my holy grail drugstore foundation, which I will be doing a whole post on, so I won't go too much into these three now.
But I can say my favourite out of the three is the Max Factor 'Lasting Performance' as it's the best pale shade I've ever used, and my god the stuff lasts, but my favourite part is that is feels so lightweight!
The other two I picked up were the Max Factor 'Skin Luminzer Miracle' foundation and Revlon's 'Colour Stay'. Have any of you tried either of these? I'd love to hear your opinions in the comments!

My hair is in dire need of some TLC, and these shampoos are currently in the 3 for 2 section at Asda, and as they are a little more pricey that what I'd usually spend on shampoo (£7 each) I thought I'd pick the collection up while they were on offer.
I've only used them once, but they smell incredible, and I've already been complimented on how healthy and soft my hair looks! 

I love cute medium/small sized bags, and I was in need of a new one, so I picked this pink and grey one up from Primark, and it was only £9!
It has both the small and extendable strap, and it is quite spacious so it's perfect for me to take to work or to go shopping with.

My shoes literally just consist of black booties, but as it's getting so hot, I finally decided to buy some that were a little more weather appropriate.
These cute little suede dolly shoes were only £4 each from Primark! They're super comfy and they have soooo many different colours!

Lastly, and my favourite purchase, is this cute little shirt from New Look. It was in the sale for £10! It's a little oversized and flowy, and I LOVE it. It looks so cute with a pair of jeans and boots, or tucked into a skirt! 
Definitely my favourite purchase of the lot!

Do you see anything on here you like the look of? Let me know in the comments!

Kt x



  1. What a cute little haul! I absoutely adore πŸ’™ That shirt from New Look is absoutely gorgeous, it's soo colorful and definitely good for summer. Also, I think I need to go into The Body Shop, peach is my favourite scent from them, so I feel like I need to go in there and check out the Vineyard Peach.

    Gemma | https://anoceanglimmer.wordpress.com

    1. Thank you lovely!
      And I definitely would if I were you. They've got some amazing stuff on sale!

  2. You hauled so many cute products! Loved it πŸ’• Primark's homeware is just too cute!

    1. Primark is slaying it lately!
      And thank you my love πŸ’›

  3. I've got a few pairs of those primark shoes too and I love them, so comfy and go so well with skinny jeans! Definitely need to pick a few more up soon. Also I'm so desperate to get some of the peach range from the body shop, love anything peach scented so these would be perfect for me! Just love a haul x

    Tiffany x www.foodandotherloves.co.uk

    1. They're such good value for money aren't they!
      You should definitely pick up the peach bigs whil they're in the sale! πŸ’›

  4. What a lovely post. There is nothing worth with a little retail therapy and you've picked up some really good bargains, I'm at the moment totally in love with products with coconut in them, they make my skin and hair feel amazing.

    1. Yes I love the coconuts shampoo I've gotten! My hair loves it πŸ’›

  5. I can't believe that pretty short was only £10 - it's gorgeous! Retail therapy is my favourite too. The coconut range from OGX is lovely, my favourite summer hair care. Lovely haul!
    Chloe xxx

    1. I've tried heir Argan oil stuff before and wanted to try something new, couldn't resist these! They make me hair look so healthy! πŸ’›

  6. The Revlon Colourstay foundation is what I'm currently using and it is my favourite! It's medium coverage and lasts all day, on my combination skin. Hope it works for you xx

    Fatima x www.fatimawrites.co.uk

    1. Ah it sounds just like what I need! I've worn it a few times, I need to try it with just my collection Primer and see how it holds up with that!
      Thank you lovely πŸ’›

  7. Your new homeware bits are gorg! I'm doing my room up soon so I will definitely have to check out Primark for some little bits! I Love your new bag and i'm so glad that you like the Barry M primer!

    Fab post lovely!

    Love, Melissa x

    1. Definitely check out Primark! They have some amazing bargains in there! Lots of lightining and candles, it's all so pretty πŸ’›

  8. Just letting you know that YOU are the reason I'm about to spend a lot of money in the Body Shop. But that's a great thing because you are SAVING MY SKIN. My skin thanks you!! hahahaha xx

    Shauna || https://diariesofadramatic.com

    1. Hahha your skin is more than welcome lovely πŸ’›

  9. This is such a good haul! I can't wait for my towns bigger primark to be finished so I can browse the homeware section as everything always looks so cute and pretty! Also that shirt from New Look is gorgeous! Might have to check out a couple of those makeup bits too, I love good Drugstore finds!

    Ellie x


  10. I'm loving your haul Hun! That light is just stunning and the shirt is gorgeous! You've picked up some great things, I love organix shampoo & conditioner, it's the only stuff I'll use now because of how much I love it! I wouldn't recommend the keratin ones as they are great for giving your hair life or the biotin and collagen ones, swear by them.

    Jordanne || Thelifeofaglasgowgirl.co.uk

  11. I love that shirt and those cute flats, and I've been meaning to get my hands on that Primark candle holder forever!! Definitely need to try out that Max Factor foundation, anything that works for you I know I'll love too!

  12. I loved reading this! I'm glad you chose to write it up :) I've been seeing that candle holder on Tiffany Rawling's pics and been lusting after it for so long...I may need to go pick it up hehe! Can't wait to read your foundation post <3

  13. The primark in Swansea has a really tiny homeware section:( it's a huge shame because the homeware I see on blogs is so pretty!!xx

  14. Primark are killing it with the rose gold pieces at the minute! I found some rose gold baskets in there for only £3 the other week!

    Isobel x

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  15. I absolutely love the floral blouse!! And also the cute bag. And can we please take a moment to appreciate how your photography is getting more awesome everytime you upload a new post? xxx

  16. I love the shirt its so pretty, I was thinking of purchasing the candle holder from Primark its gorgeous, Primark are smashing it with their homeware. Lovely post xx

  17. I really hope you bought that shirt in the last few days! hopefully I can still find it in the sale! It's gorgeous😍

  18. I love those shoes! They'll go with so many outfits!

  19. Your photography is absolutely stunning, Katie! I recently spotted a few of those rose gold pieces in my local Primark and I love them too, they look such high quality and you'd never guess they were so inexpensive! Loving those suede dolly shoes as well, perfect summer colours!

    Abbey 😘 www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  20. Don't we all love a good retail therapy. The shoes from primark are gorgeous, I want them!!!

  21. I am in love with that blouse! I also have the primer & collection quite like it x

  22. I'm so obsessed with everything you picked up! That candle holder and light from Primark look amazing! And that bag😍

  23. I absolutely love the geometric candle holder can't believe it's a primark buy! Loving your blog lately Katie what a dream ❤️❤️❤️ Xxx



  24. Girl your photography is something else, you are incredible! You absolutely can't beat primark for homeware stuff, they have so much copper!! This candle holder is soo beaut, I love it!

    Abbie xxxx



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