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10 June 2017

21st Birthday Wishlist

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I'm 21 in just over two weeks! How exciting!
I thought I would do a little post on my ultimate wishlist (not to hint at anyone or anything) on what I would like.

Now I'm aware 3 out the 4 things are a quite expensive, but a girl can dream can't she?

My first pick, and my most wanted, is an Olivia Burton watch. They're just so beautiful. The one I would like is the exact same as the photo above, except with a white clock face (which you can see by clicking the link above).
What I love most about her watches is that she has a vegan friendly section, and being a vegetarian, of course this made me very happy.

Marble makeup brushes. A girl/bloggers dream. And Spectrum do a '35 Piece Holy Grail Set'. I'd never buy it myself, because the price tag makes me want to vomit, but they are just so pretty, and I've heard such good things about their brushes, plus imagine the insta photos I could take, haha!

I'm not usually one for buying designer perfume, my go to perfume is actually a Britney Spears one, but I have been secretly lusting after the Alien perfume since I was in college! But again, the price tag is a little out of my price range, but I'm sure the smell must be worth it!

And lastly, everything Lush. I love Lush, and Lush loves me. 
I mostly want 'The Comforter' bubble bar, as this is my favourite smell Lush do! It literally feels like I'm bathing in a bath full of berries.
I also have my eye on their skincare too, as I've heard such amazing things about it!

That's it for my wishlist!
What's your most wanted gift?

Kt x