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1 May 2017

Recent Beauty Buys + First Impressions

Over the past few weeks, I have spent more of my paycheck than I would like to admit on the Superdrug website.
So I have compiled all my beauty purchases together for this post, and will let you lovely lot know my first impressions for each product.

First up is actually something skincare related, and if you haven't seen this range all over Instagram, then you must be living under a rock. The pretty pink packaging is definitely a winner amongst us bloggers, and in all honestly, that's the main reason I bought these.
As for the products themselves, I have only had a few days to use them, but already my skin feels so so much softer, and the smell of the products is lovely, I will definitely continue using them, and if yu have dry skin, I would highly recommend you picking these up.

Highlighters, I own too many, didn't need to buy anymore, and yet in the past two weeks I have bought three new highlight related products, the one I was most excited for was the new NIP+FAB Highlight Palette.

I have to say, I have only used two of the shades in this palette, but I'm very impressed. The palette may even been a cheaper dupe/alternative for the ABH Sundipped Glow Kit that I already own, and for only £10, I can definitely say I would re-purchase this one, and not the ABH one.

The second highlighter I purchased was from the new Makeup Revolution Skin Kiss Range, they have a few shades, but having paler skin I decided to go for 'Ice Kiss'.

Honestly, I wasn't blown away by this, MUR have been killing it recently, but I was left a little underwhelmed by this highlighter. The actual product is quite rough, not creamy at all (unless I have to work away the top layer of prodcut) and the colour payoff is okay, but not overwhelming. If you like a subtle highlight, this would be one for you.

Also from MUR, I purchased their Blushing Hearts Blush.
I do like this, however it isn't a matte blush, so when wearing this with highlighter, it can look a little TOO much on the skin. But it does have a very pink colour payoff, so you only need a little of this to achieve a subtle colour on the skin.

I love false eyelashes, as my own are very none-existent. And I always reach for Eylure lashes when I do wear them.
I love the wispy styles, but I have never tried pre-glued lashes before, I wore these out last night, and I can say I'm impressed, they look lovely on, and they didn't budge all night! I will definitely be repurchasing these.

MUR again, their new Renaissance collection is stunning, and the lipsticks have a rep for being a dupe for Charlotte Tilbury's collection, I have never tried CT lipsticks, so I can't comment on that, but I wore this shade, which is called 'Awaken', out last night, and I can say I love it! It's a very pretty pink shade, super creamy on the lips, and lasts a decent amount of time! I did have to top it up during the night, but for £4, I'm very impressed!

I have been after the ultimate, ride or die, amazing, long lasting foundation, for as long as I can remember, so while on the Superdrug website, I came across the Maybelline FIT ME Matte and Poreless foundation.
Bold claims, and as someone who suffers with oily skin and huge pores, I couldn't not purchase this. Again, I trialled it while out last night, and I have to say I'm impressed! I only had it on for about 4 hours, but I can confirm it didn't budge! I did have concealer and setting powder on top, but this may just be my new favourite foundation!

Part of the Renaissance collection by MUR, contains two eyeshadow palettes, a day and night time one. I purchased the night one, as I prefer sparkly eyes over matte, and I preferred the shade selection in this one.

First impressions of this, well, I'm extremely impressed. The packaging is insane, it's very high end looking stuff, the box contains a velvet pouch which inside contains the mini palette. It is a nice compact size, which means you can easily take this out with you.
The shades are pretty, consisting of one matte, and four sparkly/shimmery shades.
The matte one has a lot of fallout, and the colour payoff isn't amazing, but easily buildable, the more sparkly shades have better pigment, and a little less fallout. I can't say I'll be rushing to buy the day palette, as that one is made up of matte shades, and because of the fallout and lack of pigment from the one matte shade in here, I doubt the day palette would differ.
However for only £8, I would definitely repurchase this palette.

Lastly, and my most favourite purchase of all, is the MUR Renaissance Glow kit.
This comes with one highlight shade and one sculpt/contour shade, and the same packaging as the eyeshadow palettes, again very compact so you can easily take this out in a small handbag with you.

I am extremely impressed with this kit. The sculpt shade is not orange in tone, and not too dark, so for someone with pale skin, this is perfect for me, And the highlighting shade is amazing.
Compared to their Skin Kiss highlighters, this one is much more creamy, and looks so flawless and shimmery on the skin. I wore this out last night, and I couldn't stop looking at the highlight all night, it didn't budge while I was out, and neither did the sculpt/contour shade.
I adore this kit, and I will definitely be repurchasing it.

All products mentioned above I purchased from Superdrug, and they currently have a 3 for 2 offer on, so I'd head over there now ladies!

Kt x


  1. Is the bronzer in the bronzer + highlight duo from MUR shimmer or matte?:)
    So jealous of your haul!
    Also the backgrounds for your photos is insanely cute!

    1. It's a matte shade lovely, and thank you! It's wrapping paper from Asda haha! X

  2. I've seen all of these over on Instagram but still haven't tried any yet! But they all look amazing! X