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1 April 2017

What's in my bag?

I love being nosey, so as you can imagine, 'what's in my bag' videos on youtube are some of my favourites! 
So I thought I would do one for you guys on my blog!

First things first, my actual bag pictured above, is the current on I'm using, and it's from Primark! It's just the right size for everyday use as it fits all my essentials in!

So...what's in my bag?

The first thing is obviously, my purse! 
I keep all my cards, money, and a polaroid of me and my boyfriend in here!
I have cards from my drivers license, to Ikea, to my tesco clubcard! And to be honest, I don't use half of these.

The actual purse itself is from a brand called 'Status Anxiety' that is based in Australia, they do lots of different purses, bags etc, and in so many different colours!
However, they are real leather, and as I am a vegetarian now, I am on the look out for a new one!

Second, is my car/house keys!
Pretty boring, but I have the car keys for my Mini, my house keys, a key for my parents house, a picture of my sister, a letter 'K' that she bought me, and a keyring I got of Saturn when me and Dan went to the National Space Centre.

I also carry my 2017 diary and my slimming world pack in my bag. I always carry my diary, now that I have my own house, and bills, is comes in handy all the time! In the back of it I also keep any important letters, bills etc. that I need to keep.

Now, it wouldn't be a womans bag without the 50 lipsticks inside it! That being said, I have an array of beauty products in my bag - including a rogue Morphe brush....

I also keep my anxiety tablets in my bag too, because, well, I obviously have to take them everyday. I also have to keep some Diazaepam on me in case of a panic attack!
You can read all about my anxiety, including how I got diagnosed here

And, last but not least, are all the little nick nack things that are at the bottom of my bag.
I keep my earphones, hand sanitizer, wipes for my glasses, and some little cosmetic packs which have nail files, a cotton pad, and cotton buds inside!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I'd love to hear what you all keep in your bag in the comments!

Kt x

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  1. Love this post, I can't help but being nosey either! :')