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21 March 2017

Tag Time

So, I took some time off blogging, and for my first post back, I thought I would do something fun! So, welcome to...The Disney Tag!

Big thank you to Jordanne (thelifeofaglasgowgirl) for tagging me to do this!

The rules:

  • Answer the questions below
  • Mention the person that has tagged you and include a link to their blog
  • Tag 5 more people to take part!

1. Favourite Character - Oh, this is a hard question! Um, either Merida (ginger, duh) or Baloo, or Mushu! I love sassy sidekicks!

2. Favourite Princess - Hmm, either Aurora or Rapunzel! 

3. Favourite Heroine - Mulan for sure! She saved the day, boobs an all.

4. Favourite Prince - Flynn Rider for sure! (does he count?) He's dreamy.

5. Favourite Hero - Again, not sure if he counts, but I loved Aladar from Dinosaur! I also have a soft spot for Hercules.

6. Favourite Animal - I have so many! Sven, Pegasus, Dumbo, I could go on!

7. Favourite Sidekick - Oooh, either Mushu or Olaf! 

8. Favourite Villain - Hades for sure, he's so sassy!

9. Favourite Original Character - I'm not sure what classes as 'original' but probably Goofy and Eeyore! 

10. Favourite Love Song - Such a toughie! Either 'Can You Feel the Love Tonight' or 'Tale as Old as Time'

11. Favourite Song - Either 'Hakuna Matata' or 'Circle of Life'

12. Favourite Villain Song - 'Come Little Children' from Hocus Pocus (it's Disney, it counts!)

13. Least Favourite Song - I honestly don't have one! There's songs that I don't find as catchy as others but I can't think of one I really dislike.

14. Favourite Kiss - Tarzan & Jane, or Rapunzel & Flynn.

15. The First Move You Saw - Sleeping Beauty

16. Favourite Classic - 101 Dalmatians or The Lion King

17. Song That Always Gets Stuck In Your Head - 'Under the Sea' from The Little Mermaid or 'Bare Necessities' from The Jungle Book.

18. Favourite Pixar Film - Inside Out or Wall-E

19. Least Favourite Pixar film - Cars

20. Favourite Sequel - Lion King 2 or Lady and the Tramp 2: Scamps Adventure. 

21. Overrated Movie - Cars

22. Underrated Movie - Brother Bear

23. Movie That Makes You Laugh - Frozen (mainly Olaf) 

24. Movie That Makes You Cry - Dumbo, Lion King and The Fox and The Hound!

25. The Saddest Scene From Your Favourite Movie - (Technically we have only been asked what our favourite classic is) but my all time favourite Disney movie would have to be Zootropolis at the moment. The saddest scene from this was the flashback scene when Nick Wilde gets bullied and has the muzzle put on him!

26. Saddest Death - Mufasa of course!

27. Favourite Quote - A good old classic of course

28. Favourite Theme Park - I've never been!

29. Favourite Theme Attraction - See above

30. Favourite Theme Park Show - See above

I tag (6 people, oops):

Lauren (loulabellerose)

Jess (worldofjess)

Stace (whatagirldoes)

Bettie (bettiesworld)

Lauren (lalsiee)

This was such a fun post to do, hope you all enjoyed! If you want to do this tag anyway, just do it, no need to be tagged aha! Plus, who doesn't love disney?

I'd love to hear some answers to these questions in the comments!

Thanks lovelies,

Kt x

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