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17 January 2017

What I would tell a 15 year old me

One of my oldest friends from school (Abbie) tagged me to do this rather personal post, click her name to read hers! I would like to tag Rachel and Jess to do their own version of this post.

So without further ado,

The things I would tell a 15 year old me.

Friends will become strangers, and strangers will become friends, and that is okay.

All these little things you're worrying about, will seem silly tomorrow.

You don't have to please everyone, as hard as a habit that may seem to break.

Always ask for help, even if you think it's something silly or unimportant.

Those breathing problems? You'll get an explanation for those soon enough, just hold on a little longer.

You'll be happy one day, I promise.

You'll meet new people, you'll pass your driving test, you'll get your first car, you'll meet the people that will be most important to you, you'll be happy, and healthy, so just hold in there.

See this little slice of adorableness? 
This is your little sister, who you will meet in about a year. 
You'll never know love like it until you meet her for the first time.

And this man right here, this is someone you'll meet too. And he'll make you so happy. You'll have a home, and you'll be doing things you never thought you would do. 
Hold in there kid, life is about to get exciting.