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8 December 2016

My Christmas Wish List!

As Christmas is getting closer, I'm sure you'll agree that we're starting to think of things that we would like to see under that tree on Christmas morning!

It was actually a struggle to think of things I'd like, because now that I have my own job, if I want anything I tend to just by it myself!

But without further ado, here are 5 things that I've had my eye on recently!

1 - HP Sprocket (£99.99, PC World)

I first saw one of these on Zoella's channel, and I just love the idea of them! I have a polaroid camera already, but this connects to your phone via bluetooth, which means you can print whatever you want on the go! And it's ink free so all it requires is the film! It comes in white and black, and I would personally love the white one! They're small enough to go travelling with to, I may buy myself one after Christmas!

2 - Lush Gift Box (£10-£30, Lush)

I absolutely love Lush products, and have asked for a few for Christmas, so this definitely needs to be on my Christmas wish list! They do gift boxes at a range of pricing, but the one I have had my eye on is the 'Astronomical' box; full of spacey goodness!

3 - Yankee Candle (Large, £21.99, Boots) 

Yankee candles are my absolute favourite! I always have candles burning in the bedroom, and Yankee do the best smells! The one I have my eye on for Christmas is one called 'Christmas Glow'.

4 - Sweet Peach Glow (£34.00, Too Faced) 

Too faced have a new 'Sweet Peach' collection, and as you can tell by my blog name, I love anything Peach related! They have items ranging from blush, to eye shadow palettes to lip gloss! I personally have my eye on the Sweet Peach Glow palette, which looks so pretty!

5 - Pandora Ring (£40+, Pandora UK)

I love Pandora, and they're rings are so so pretty! These would make a fab gift for any close female you have in your life! I have my eye on the 'Triple Dazzling Daisy Ring' in the picture above. But they do so many different ones! 

Thanks for reading guys! What is on your Christmas wish list for this year? Leave some in the comments below, I'd love to read them!

As always,
Stay Peachy x