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27 December 2016

What I got for Christmas!

I'm going to start this post with a little disclaimer. I am in no way writing this to brag, or show off or anything of that sort. I'm super nosey myself and like to see what others got for Christmas, and some of you may see something you like
in this post yourselves and want to get it, so I thought I'd do a little post on what I got for Christmas this year!

I'm not going to include every single thing, as it would get a little boring and long winded! So I've just included my favourite bits and pieces that I got!

I got this lovely Simple gift set off my parents. I always use Simple skin care as I have quite sensitive skin, and I've always found that no matter what new things I try, I always go back to using trusty old Simple!
In this you get Micellar Cleansing water, cotton pads, face wash, moisturiser, toner, eye make up remover, micellar cleansing wipes, and a headband to keep your hair back while you wash! 

This lovely lush set was off my very generous boyfriend, you may recognise some of it from my Christmas Wish List post! He got me the Astronomy box set that I was lusting after, and other little bits too! I have used half of it already! 

These gorgeous boots were a gift from my Brother (he did good). They are a grey suede with a chunky heel, and are from New Look! I believe you can also get them in green and burgundy also! They are one of my favourite presents that I received! I love booties. 

These next few things were presents from one of my closest friends, and I'm also lucky enough to work with her too! She got me a lovely Vegetarian cook book, a budget book (which will definitely come into use, I'm terrible with money) and, the coolest and most handy gift I have received, a little 'chop express' device that cuts up vegetables for you! (I hate cutting onion and garlic).
She also got me some lovely shower gels and creams that came in cute little cracker packaging and my boyfriend some of his favourite chocolate!

My boyfriend also got me a couple of books along with the Lush stuff for Christmas. I received this GOT book, with illustrations, and Anna Kendrick's book (Scrappy Little Nobody) which I would definitely recommend, I've never related to someone so much! It's such a fun read!

This gorgeous 'Grandad Jumper' as I like to call it, was another gift from my brother! Its a lovely cropped high neck jumper, and lets be honest, jumpers are my favourite items of clothing!

Me and my two best friends also did a gift swap a couple of weeks before Christmas, I received some lovely gifts off them, but these two are my favourites! The 'Keep Calm and Stay Peachy' mug was from Rosie, and the super duper cute Panda mug was from Becca. I still can't get over how cute and personal these are!

It wouldn't be right if I didn't receive my favourite alcohol as a Christmas gift! My lovely parents got me a bottle of Gordon's Gin!

My dad is super into cars, so I had to include this gift he got for me! It's a little gift pack of cleaning supplies for my Mini Cooper!
How sweet of him haha!

I also received my favourite perfume from my parents too! It's Britney Spears' 'Fantasy'. I always used to wear this when I was younger, I love the scent, and it lasts literally all day long! Well worth the money!

On boxing day, the whole family on my Mum's side gathers at my Grandma's for a gift swap and buffet and games day! I received some fab gifts, like a Gin and Tonic lip balm from my Auntie and Uncle, and money, organiser, travel wallet, chocolates and a hot chocolate set from my Grandma!
But my favourite was this handy item pictured above! My Grandma got me this 'coz-e-nailbar', which is basically a cushion with a mat on it and holes to hold nail varnishes! How clever! Mess free painting of nails from now on!

Now, as I said above, I did get other gifts, but it'd be way to long and boring of a post to include every little thing! I love everything I have received and am so grateful to everyone that got me something! My amazing parents were also kind enough to gift me with a very generous amount of money too! 

I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas! I'd love to hear what you all got too! Leave some comments below!

And, as always, stay peachy x


  1. Such lovely gifts - LOVE those New Look boots and who doesn't like Britney's Fantasy perfume?

    Char xo ||

  2. Took me ages to find you! Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. That 'Grandad' jumper is too cute. I'd have loved gin for Christmas. I didn't even get wine this year lol. That Simple set looks so good - I've really been improving my skincare, the past few months xx