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30 December 2016

A Little Haul!

In a little follow on from my last post, I thought I'd do a blog post on what I bought with some of my Christmas money.

Please also bare in mind I'm still figuring out my blog so the photo's are amazingly great, but it's all a learning curve right?

I love reading, it's one of my favourite things to do, and Amazon had/have a 3 paperbacks for £10 deal on, so I couldn't pass that up! The first one I popped in my basket was a book called 'A Little Life'. This one looks like a hefty read but from the reviews, it sounds amazing!

The next one I got was kind of a funny little book called 'What If' and it's described as a book full of crazy hypothetical questions answered with real science. This book just seemed like a fun read, so I picked this one too.

If you have read my post on Anxiety, you'll know I suffer with it quite bad, and I've heard that these colouring books are a good with of relieving anxious and stressful thoughts. This one is called 'The Mindfulness Colouring Book' and it's just a little book full of beautiful patterns and pictures. I can't wait to give it a try!

I also picked up another 3 books in the Amazon deal, which were just some thriller type books as I find they're so gripping! If you would like me to do more blog posts on just books let me know in the comments!

Me and my boyfriend popped into our local shopping centre today as I thought I could pick up some new work shirts with some of my Christmas money.

This first one is super duper cute, it's a blue checked pattern jumper with a white buttoned shirt underneath, it was only £14 from Primark!

The next one I got was this blue with white stripes shirt, it was only £10, also again from Primark! The material is really soft, and it has 3/4 length rolled sleeves.

(Apologies for the terrible photo) But this one is a khaki green shirt, again with 3/4 length rolled sleeves. Also from Primark for only £10.

I've needed a 2017 calendar for a while, and there is a brand called 'BusyB' on Amazon, and they do the cutest designs! This one is a family calendar, but if perfect for writing up reminders, important dates, bills etc. and comes with stickers too! This was under £10.

From the same brand on Amazon, and for around £8, I picked up their meal planner book. This one has a section with days on to write your meals, and another for food shopping lists. It also comes with two magnets so you can stick them up on your fridge!

That's pretty much everything I got bar some black tights and weighing scales (super exciting right), (that was sarcasm). 

I hope you all had a great Christmas! Did any of you go sale shopping? What are some of the buys you guys got? Let me know in the comments!

And, as always, stay peachy x

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  1. You picked up some lovely bits and pieces! I can never brave it to shop primark!