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21 November 2016

Haul Ft. My Boyfriend!

I spent my day off very wisely, and dragged my boyfriend to what was supposed to be Christmas shopping, but that demon on my shoulder that is always whispering 'treat yourself' won, and it ended up being a home/clothes/winter haul! 

The shops we bought items from were Primark and Topman, and I will include prices under all the photos in case any of you like the look of anything me or Dan (my boyfriend) bought!

I suppose it would be wise to start with the 'homeware' stuff I/we bought, that you can see in the picture above (all from Primark)

I have been looking for new candles for a while for our bedroom, and Primark have such a good selection, and they are super duper cheap! 

The first one I picked up was the 'Stay Sweet' candle, which is the pink one in the medium sized jar in the photo above. The scent on the label for this is 'Strawberry and Peach', and it smells delicious! I have it burning in our bedroom right now, and you can definitely smell the sweetness of the candle! This was only £3.00!
We also wanted some tealights, and at £1.00 for a set of 24, we picked up two different scents! These don't smell as strong as the first candle I've mentioned, but are still well worth the money!

The last candle I picked up I just had to have! It's an adorable little cacti candle, and it was only £1.50! This doesn't have any scent at all, but it's just so appealing to the eye, and looks super cute in our room!

The next thing we bought that was from the home section in Primark, was mugs! 

I bought this cute Owl Ceramic Mug, which was only £2.00! It's just a simple black and white design, with three different sized owls, and who doesn't love big tea mugs!

Dan picked up this Star Wars Darth Vader one for himself, which was £5.00, also from Primark (this is super cool, I may have to pinch it!)

Onto clothes! From Primark, I picked up two simple pairs of skinny high waisted jeans (my ultimat faves) in grey and black, these were £8.00 a pair!

I also picked up this cute little night shirt, this is just for chilling in, and sleeping of course! This was only £8.00 and looks just like your wearing an oversized boyfriend shirt!

I also picked up these super cute hats, as I'm sure you are all aware how cold it's getting at the moment, and I needed a new winter hat, and I just could not decide between them, so I got both! The mustard one was only £2.00, and the burgundy one was £3.00! Absolute bargain, also from Primark.

I also picked up these super cute suede gloves! They are a light grey colour with a cute little bow design around the wrist area. They are tight fitting, and will definitely keep my hands super warm! They were £7.00.

The following items are what my boyfriend bought from Primark 

He bought these two grey beanie hats, which were only £2.00 each! You can see him 'modelling' them below!

He also picked up this lovely blue shirt from the men's section, which was a bargain at only £8.00! It's a standard tight-ish fitting shirt, with a cotton type feel to it.

We also popped into Topman, and he picked up two new 'muscle fit' tee's at £10.00 each in a mustard colour, and the other in a dark khaki green colour. In the first picture below you can also see the joggers he picked up from Primark for £12.00, they look almost black in the photo, but they are also a lovely dark green khaki colour.

That's everything we picked up! Primark have a lovely selection of winter items in at the moment, I literally just wanted to buy everything, but as cheap as Primark is, it still would have cost a fortune! 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more posts featuring my lovely boyfriend!

And, as always,

                        Stay Peachy x


  1. Kt, I really love the mustard hat!
    It's super cute :-)

    1. Isn't it! Such a bargain at £2.00! It would look gorgeous with your hair colour! X