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23 October 2016

As the title says, this is a beauty collab! How exciting! This is my first collaboration with another blogger, but a special one as Rachel is also one of my closest friends!

Rachel, also know as The Beauty is a Beast, is a fellow beauty blogger, her posts are amazing, so informative and if you haven't please go and take a look/read of her blog! (click here to visit Rachel's blog!)

Now, the rules for our collab are as follows: we were to purchase beauty/make up related items for one another and send them in the post. We had a budget of £20 and send no more than 5 items. 

So, I sent off mine and Rachel sent of hers, and I received my parcel not 2 days later! And in it were such goodies! 

As you can see in the image above, I received 5 items, of which included: Two eye shadows, one mascara, one lipstick and one nail polish. 
I also received a cute little note from Rachel which included a list of all the products and why she included them!

The first item that grabbed my attention was the mascara! It has such cute little packaging, and as I'm actually in need of a new mascara, I was so happy to receive this!
I've actually never tried this brand or this mascara before, and in Rachel's note she said that she included this because for a drug store mascara, it's amazing!

I wore this during the week to work instead of my usual my mascara, and I must say it is so good! The brush has a curve to it which really helps lengthen and curl the lashes, and does the job in one application that my usual mascara struggles to do in two to three coats! Super impressed by this! I will definitely be purchasing when it needs replacing!

The second item in the parcel, was this matte liquid lipstick by Sleek. 
Now, I love the packaging of sleek products, and this colour looked so so pretty, and I love matte lips, so this was an instant hit before I even tried this!

As you can see in the pictures above, the lipstick did go on my lips a slightly brighter purple colour than what it looks in the packaging, but it is still so pretty. And so pigmented considering it's a high street brand! I will definitely be looking at purchasing more colours!

The next two items are the two eye shadows pictured above. The colours of these are absolutely gorgeous, and Rachel said in her note that the Essence shade is for application to the crease of the lid, and the Maybelline shade is for the rest of the eyelid.

These colours go so so well together, and are such a pretty shade for Autumn too! As you can see in the picture above, they can make a subtle shade on the eye, but can definitely be built up as they are super pigmented.

I absolutely love these, they are probably my favourite part of the whole parcel!

The last item, is this nail polish from the brand Kiko. I have never tried this brand before, so I was super excited to receive this! And like Rachel said in her note, it would not be a beauty haul from her if it didn't include a nail varnish! 

This shade is lovely! It's like a very pale/grey toned purple, and looks super pretty on!

That's it for this post! I had so much fun collaborating with Rachel, and I can't wait for her to try out the products I sent over to her too! 

Her post on this collab will be up next week, but in the mean time, go check her blog out (linked at the beginning of this post)

And, as always, keep it peachy


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