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29 August 2016

I can't believe August is nearly over! This has probably been the month with most ups and downs so far this year, some good, and some not so much. 

So, what better way to finish my first month blogging than with an August Favourites post!


Morphe 35T Colour Taupe Palette  / Pick this up here

The above is probably one of the best eye shadow palettes that I own! I've heard and seen so much about Morphe palettes and have been dying to pick one up for absolutely ages! 
I finally bit the bullet when I saw they stocked them on the beauty bay website, it took me ages to decide which colour selection I wanted, but I added the 35T to my bag. I'll definitely be picking up the other palettes by Morphe on payday! 

For £19.50 I think these palettes are an absolute steal! They are super duper pigmented, last for ages and they have so many shades in just the one palette! 

Makeup Revolution 'Fortune Favours the Brave' Palette / Pick this up here

I picked up another eye shadow palette this month in one of my 'lets spend too much money on makeup' hauls last week.

I just could not resist the pretty colours in this palette! They are a mix of pressed and baked eye shadows, and for £9.99, I had to buy this straight away!

Now, the shadows aren't super pigmented, but if you build them up they work just fine! So for the price, i'd say this was well worth the money, and I mean...just look at how pretty!

L.A Girl PRO.conceal HD Concealer / Pick this up here

I think every man and his dog has heard about this concealer! And while I was on the beauty bay website, I just had to pick one up to try out! 
They have a HUGE range of shades, and I've seen people use this for concealing and contouring! I picked mine up in the shade 'Porcelain', and oh my god, this is probably the best concealer I have used in years! 

This stuff brightens up my under eyes and covers red areas, blemishes etc. and lasts the whole day! And the best part, it was only £5!

I can't wait to pick up some more colours in this and play around with them!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade / Pick this up here

I have struggled with my brows for the LONGEST time! I have experimented with so many different brands and tools and went from pencils to powders to pomades and back again!

When I saw that beauty bay stocked ABH, I just had to pick this up! And my brows are very happy I did!

This stuff is AMAZING, I don't think i'll ever use anything else on my brows ever again! I picked mine up in the shade 'Auburn' and it's perfect! And a little bit goes SUCH a long way with this, so for £15 I'd say this stuff is almost under priced! I've been recommending this to everyone since, and have gotten so many compliments on my eyebrows since using it! 

Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Pen / Pick this up here

This one is probably my all time favourite beauty product, let alone a monthly favourite!

Everyone knows I've been rocking the winged look since I secondary school! And I've been looking for a dupe for the Benefit They're Real gel eyeliner for so long, and I've found it!

I happened by this on chance in Asda, it was on offer for £5 at the time so I picked it up.

This stuff is amazing! I love gel eyeliner, and the pen tip makes application so easy! It is literally a exact dupe for Benefits They're Real eyeliner.

It's now back up to £8.99 in price, but I could not care less, with Benefit's being at £20, I will definitely be purchasing this from now on, and if you're a fan of gel eyeliner and one that lasts all day long, I'd definitely pick this up on your next beauty haul!

LO'real Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask / Pick this up here
What girl doesn't love a good face mask? 

Well, I'd saw this a few times on the Boots websites during my hauls, and while it is currently on offer (£5 instead of £7.99) I decided to pick this one up!

This stuff is amazing! It's pure red which looks a little strange but it has done amazing stuff to my skin! It's supposed to give you a glow over time, and recommends you use it 2-3 times a week for 10-15 minutes at a time for desired results.

I haven't noticed a glow yet, but I have only used it for a 1 week so far, BUT it has left my skin feeling super soft, and it has such a nice smell to it!

I think this will be my new buy in regards to face masks from now on, I can't wait to pick up the others in the Clay Mask range!

Oh and, it's still on offer on the boots website! 

Here's a look I did the other day using the products I've mentioned above:

Favourite film of the month: Me Before You

Favourite book of the month: We were Liars

Favourite TV Show of the month: Stranger Things

Favourite food of the month: Lightly Dusted Lemon and Cracked Black Pepper Cod Fillets

Favourite drink: Lemon and Honey Green Tea

Favourite online beauty store: Beauty Bay!

What are some of your favourites this month? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Kt x

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