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21 August 2016

For this post I'm going to be reviewing one of my favourite purchases of 2016!

I started out with the FitBit 'Surge' but this was personally too bulky for everyday use, so I contacted Argos and exchanged it for the one pictured above; the FitBit 'Alta'.

It retails for roughly £100, comes in different colours, has interchangeable bands and comes in size small, large and extra large.

One of the main reasons reasons why I purchased this was because I'm trying to introduce exercise into my daily routines and keep better track of my eating, my weight, water intake etc.

So, what better way to do this than with the FitBit!

Now, I was bit hesitant in purchasing this because of the price tag, but I'm so glad I did! It is 100% worth every penny!

The FitBit comes in a blue box, with a setup manual and a little box contains the USB charger and a small USB data transfer stick.

I absolutely loved the packaging this one came in! It was simple, easy to open and very well designed.

The second picture above shows you how I have my display set up on mine, now the great thing 
about this is that you can change it to however you'd like it! Landscape, portrait, with flowers, just the time, date and time etc. So you can customise it to your personal preferences!

Now, the biggest thing you'll need in order to get full use out of this, is of course the FitBit app! This is where you will setup your FitBit and where all you your data will be stored!

The picture above shows the home screen when you open the app, is contains your daily stats (steps, calories burned, km walked and minutes of exercise).

Then further down you have a sort of tiled section, where you can click into each individual area and see your stats in more detail for the day, past week and even past months! 

This is another reason why I am in love with the app! You can see your sleep schedule, set goals, set reminders, log your food, calorie intake, water intake, see your hourly activity etc! It's so handy and interesting to see how your body is working throughout the day!

Now, as for the actual FitBit 'watch' itself, the Alta is touchscreen and you can click to go through a little summary of your daily stats, for example your steps donw, calories burned, km walked and activity! The watch also gets any texts and calls through as well, which is great for me because if I'm exercising or away from my phone I can see who is trying to contact me! 

Another thing I love about the watch us that you don't have to stick with the colour that you buy! The straps and interchangeable meaning you can purchase as many colours as you want!

To find out more just head to the FitBit website, you can compare modules, get the best fit for you and check out what features each different FitBit has!

Happy Shopping ;) 

(Disclaimer: all photos are taken and edited by myself. FitBit did not sponsor me in any way to write this post) 

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