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1 August 2016
What better way to start my first blog post than with a mini haul!

So, I had the day off work today, and wisely spent it shopping with one of my best friends, and of course one of the places we stopped off at was Boots!
The Boots at Fosse Park in Leicester has a very decent sized Nyx counter, so most of these products are Nyx ones!

The first thing I bought was the 'Nyx Soft Focus Primer' in the lightest shade they do which was 'SOFP01';

I was originally after the pore filler, as this is the primer I usually use, and I personally find that it's a great dupe for the Benefit porefessional primer!
However, they were unfortunately out of stock, but the lovely lady that helped us said that this was pretty much the same thing and works really well for hiding pores and fine lines, giving that smooth application for make up! Infused with Vitamin E and Argan Oil, and at only £9, I thought why not! I have yet to try this out, but if any of you are interested in a review, please let me know!

The next thing I picked up was the 'Nyx Color Correcting Concealer' pallet;

I have been after a colour correcting pallet for ages, and decided to bite the bullet and pick one up today. Spots, blemishes, redness and dark circles are all a girls worst nightmare, and I've heard that colour correcting underneath foundation/concealer is a great way to hide all of these annoying little imperfections! This particular pallet was only £10, so for a starter on colour correcting like myself, it went straight into my basket!

The next thing I picked up was the 'Nyx Dewy Finish' setting spray;

I have previously tried Nyx's setting spray in the matte finish, and found it to be good value for money, and it definitely helped my make up stay longer!

This time I decided to pick up the 'dewy finish' as I'm starting to really love this look, especially in the summer time, and lets face it, as a ginger, any help I can get in the summer is a bonus really!

I'm yet to try this out but I will definitely be reviewing some of these products on a later date, so stay tuned!

I picked this up for £7!

The next thing I picked up is the 'Sleek Highlighting Pallet' in 'Precious Metals'.

Now, using any kind of bronzer and highlighter can be very risky for a pale person! Especially given the paleness that gingers are blessed with!

I saw this in the sleek section and decided I had to pick this one up! The packaging is super pretty, and you get four different shades!

They all look very usable for my light skin, so for any fellow pale people, I would definitely recommend looking at Sleek's selection of highlighting/bronzing pallets!

I picked this up for £9.99!

The last thing I will be featuring on this post is the nail varnish I picked up from New Look!

If like me you're in a work environment wear you use your hands a lot, picking up a decent nail varnish that doesn't chip can be a bit of a nightmare!

At £2.99 I couldn't not pick this one up! It's in the shade 'Mid Brown' but I would say it has more of a purple/grey look about it. It's also got a very nice matte finish!

I have tried the Barry M matte nail varnishes, and am yet to see any noticeable difference between the two! And for nearly £3 different on the price tag, I'm definitely going to be purchasing the New Look Matte varnishes again!

What are your favourite high street beauty brands?

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