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6 April 2018

10 Things You'll Only Understand if You Work In An Office

If you don't already know, blogging isn't my full time job, heck, it isn't even a part time job. I currently work in the surface finishing sector of aerospace. I was first a planning engineer, but now work in quotations.
27 March 2018

A Lil Life Moan

If you follow me on Twitter you probably knew this post was coming, if you don’t, hello dear readers, and welcome to the shit fest that is my life.
22 March 2018

Are we just too easily offended?

There's a weird 'fear' behind every tweet or instagram caption I upload lately.
A fear that someone, somewhere, may find whatever I'm saying 'offensive' and unleash a shitstorm of angry, rude tweets my way, even though my tweet could literally be something as silly as not liking pineapple on my pizza (although, I suppose people can get really passionate about food).
15 March 2018

So, you want to rent?

I moved out of my parents house around 1 and a half years ago now, and since then I've rented a few different times, and honestly there is so much I wish I knew before I started.
So, I thought I'd put everything I've learnt, all the tips and advice I have, into one post for you all!
15 February 2018

Willing To Lie About How We Met?

I don't know about you, but I think it's quite common nowadays to meet people online, than it is to meet them in bars.
I met my boyfriend on Tinder, yep, you heard me right, I met my long term boyfriend on an app that most people use for a quick cum and run.
5 February 2018

It's the little things*

Our flat is no way near 'done', and I can tell you now, I used to get so annoyed/upset as I constantly compare my bedroom to the 'Instagram worthy' ones, and I'd just want to change everything about it.